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Ambercash Zambia Review



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Ambercash Zambia Review – Ambercash Zambia, a loan service provider recently caught my attention when I came across their ad on Facebook. This intrigued me to delve deeper and understand what they offer, how they function, and if their services are legitimate.

Who is Ambercash Zambia?

Ambercash Zambia is a digital financial services provider that claims to offer loans. With a strong social media presence, particularly on Facebook with over a thousand likes, they’ve managed to garner quite an audience.

Their Facebook page does not provide direct contact information, no telephone number or email, but you can send them a message through their Facebook page. If you are an iPhone lover, see How Much Is Iphone 6s Plus Uk Used In Slot?

According to their Facebook posts, you can secure a loan of up to 50,000 Zambian Kwacha with a period of 120 days to repay. However, it is important to note that these details could be part of their marketing strategy.

To get in touch with Ambercash Zambia, you can use the following contact information:

Whether you have questions, or concerns, or require further information about their services, Ambercash Zambia’s customer service team is available to help.

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User Experience and Feedback

Going through the comments on Ambercash Zambia’s Facebook page, the responses from users are mixed. Some users complained about the high fees associated with their loans, with one commenter mentioning an 80 Kwacha management fee.

The main issue seems to be their lack of response to these complaints or queries. Even comments that are over a month old remain unanswered, suggesting a lack of effective customer support. This lack of transparency and communication can deter potential borrowers.

Ambercash Zambia App

On clicking the link provided on their Facebook page, I was redirected to the Google Play Store where I downloaded the Ambercash Zambia App. On the surface, the app seems promising. They claim to offer loans up to 20,000 Kwacha with a payback period of 23 to 60 days.

However, the notifications of loans being approved (such as 50,000 Kwacha or 30,000 Kwacha) appearing within minutes raised some doubts.

Unfortunately, the app, like their Facebook page, does not provide direct contact details, which adds to the concern.

User Data Security Concerns

Another red flag was the amount of personal information required to sign up for the app. They request your NRC, name, and other sensitive information. Given the lack of transparency and clear communication channels, users may feel uncomfortable providing such details. This a great deal for tecno users, see How much is Tecno Pova 3 in Nigeria easy buy?


Based on the analysis of Ambercash Zambia’s social media presence, user feedback, and app experience, there seem to be quite a few red flags. However, if you have had a positive experience with Ambercash Zambia or managed to successfully secure a loan, please share your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Ambercash Zambia?

Ambercash Zambia is a digital financial service provider that offers loans. They are active on Facebook and have an app on the Google Play Store.

2. How can I contact Ambercash Zambia?

Currently, the only way to contact Ambercash Zambia is through their Facebook page by sending them a message. They do not provide a phone number or email address.

3. What are the loan terms offered by Ambercash Zambia?

According to their posts, Ambercash Zambia offers loans up to 50,000 Kwacha with a repayment period of 120 days. However, it’s recommended to verify these terms directly with them.

4. Are there any concerns with Ambercash Zambia?

Some users have raised concerns about high management fees and a lack of transparency in communication. Additionally, their requirement for detailed personal information without clear security protocols may cause unease among potential users.

5. Is the Ambercash Zambia app available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, you can download the Ambercash Zambia app from the Google Play Store.

Disclaimer: Please do thorough research and consider all aspects before deciding to apply for a loan with any financial service provider, including Ambercash Zambia.

If you’re looking for alternative loan providers, check out my own quality-based loans always visit Loans & App Unlike Ambercash Zambia, I strive to provide clear communication, transparent fees, and secure handling of user data.



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