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Bankly POS Charges and Commissions



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Bankly POS Charges and Commissions – In the realm of digital transactions, Point of Sale (POS) systems have revolutionized the way we conduct business. Among the myriad of options available, Bankly POS has carved a niche for itself. But what about its charges and commissions? Let’s delve deeper.

Introduction to Bankly POS

Bankly POS is not just another transaction machine; it’s a blend of efficiency, user-friendliness, and affordability. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users, it offers a range of services, each with its own set of charges. See Paga POS Charges And Commission

The Importance of POS Charges

Why do we even need to discuss charges? Well, for businesses, especially small ones, every penny counts. Understanding the charges associated with each transaction can help in budgeting and maximizing profits.

Bankly POS Charges

Withdrawal Charges

For every withdrawal transaction, Bankly charges a fee of 0.5%. This means, for a withdrawal of 1000 naira, a 5 naira charge is applied. This is Dotpay POS Charges and Commission 2023

Deposit Charges

Depositing money comes with its own set of charges. For transactions ranging from 100 naira to 2000 naira, a flat fee of 10 naira is levied. For amounts exceeding 2000 naira, a 20 naira charge is applied.

Transfer Charges

Transferring funds using Bankly POS? A charge of 10 naira is applied for transfers ranging from 100 naira to 2000 naira. For higher amounts, a 20 naira fee is levied. Learn about Paycenter POS Machine Price and Charges 2023

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Bankly POS Commissions

Earning Potential

As a Bankly agent, there’s potential to earn with every transaction. The commissions are designed to incentivize agents to facilitate more transactions.

Factors Affecting Commissions

The commissions an agent earns can vary based on factors like transaction volume, location, and customer base.

Comparing Bankly with Other POS Systems

Fee Structure

When compared to other POS systems, Bankly offers a competitive fee structure, ensuring that both agents and customers get value for their money. See Moniepoint Charges | How much does POS agent charge per transaction in 2023?

Service Quality

In terms of reliability, speed, and customer support, Bankly stands tall among its competitors.

How to Minimize Costs

To make the most out of Bankly POS, it’s essential to understand its fee structure. By encouraging higher transaction volumes and maintaining a regular customer base, agents can maximize their commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the Bankly POS machine cost?
    • The Bankly POS machine costs around 15,000 naira, with 10,000 naira being refundable upon returning the machine in good condition.
  2. Is there a daily transaction target for Bankly POS?
    • Yes, agents are expected to achieve a target of 30 transactions per day, combining both withdrawals and deposits.
  3. How does Bankly’s fee structure compare with other POS systems?
    • Bankly offers competitive rates, ensuring affordability without compromising on service quality.
  4. Are there any hidden charges with Bankly POS?
    • No, all charges are transparent and communicated upfront.
  5. Can I negotiate the charges with Bankly?
    • The charges are standardized, but for high-volume transactions or partnerships, it’s best to contact Bankly directly.


Bankly POS, with its transparent charge structure and potential for high commissions, is a boon for businesses and agents alike. By understanding its fee structure, agents can strategize to maximize their earnings, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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