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Bankly WhatsApp Number in Nigeria



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Bankly WhatsApp Number in Nigeria – Hey there! Ever wondered how to seamlessly connect with Bankly for all your financial needs without leaving your comfy couch? This article will guide you through the wonders of Bankly’s WhatsApp services. Ready to dive in?

How To Become A Bankly POS Agent In Nigeria

Services Offered by Bankly

  1. Deposit and Transfer Funds: With Bankly, depositing money into customer accounts is a breeze. Additionally, transferring funds to various beneficiaries is both quick and hassle-free.
  2. Bloomm: This is a unique customer support mobile application linked with Bankly. It’s essentially a digital bank that not only allows you to save but also earns interest on your savings.
  3. Financing: Active users of Bankly can access overdrafts and float from their digital accounts.
  4. Bills Payments: From buying data and airtime to paying cable and electricity bills, Bankly makes it all possible with just a few clicks. Plus, withdrawals can be made anytime from Bankly’s reliable POS terminals. Learn about How to Become a Baxi POS Agent

Becoming a Bankly Agent

Want to be part of the Bankly revolution? Here’s how:

  1. Downloading the App: Start by downloading the ‘Bankly Agent App’ from the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for IOS users.
  2. Sign-Up Process: Once downloaded, sign up by providing the necessary KYC details.
  3. Verification: After account creation, wait for Bankly to verify your registration details. Once verified, you’re all set to conduct various fund transactions.

Requirements for Registration

To become an agent, you’ll need a valid ID, phone number, email address, and bank account details for verification. This is PayCentre POS Agent

Downloading the Bankly Agent App

Simply visit your respective app store, search for ‘Bankly Agent App’, and hit download.

Bankly POS Charges and Commissions

The Importance of POS Charges

Why do we even need to discuss charges? Well, for businesses, especially small ones, every penny counts. Understanding the charges associated with each transaction can help in budgeting and maximizing profits.

Bankly POS Charges

Withdrawal Charges

For every withdrawal transaction, Bankly charges a fee of 0.5%. This means, that for a withdrawal of 1000 naira, a 5 naira charge is applied. This is Dotpay POS Charges and Commission 2023

Deposit Charges

Depositing money comes with its own set of charges. For transactions ranging from 100 naira to 2000 naira, a flat fee of 10 naira is levied. For amounts exceeding 2000 naira, a 20 naira charge is applied.

Transfer Charges

Transferring funds using Bankly POS? A charge of 10 naira is applied for transfers ranging from 100 naira to 2000 naira. For higher amounts, a 20 naira fee is levied. Learn about Paycenter POS Machine Price and Charges 2023

Bankly POS Commissions

Earning Potential

As a Bankly agent, there’s potential to earn with every transaction. The commissions are designed to incentivize agents to facilitate more transactions.

Bankly POS Machine Price In Nigeria

How to Obtain a Bankly POS Machine

Getting your hands on a Bankly POS machine is straightforward. You can either head to their main office in Lagos or contact an authorized agent near you. Alternatively, their website offers an easy onboarding process. Typically, acquiring the POS takes anywhere from a day to a week.

Becoming a Bankly Agent

Thinking of becoming an agent? Start by downloading the Bankly Agent mobile app. Once you’ve registered and provided the necessary KYC details, support personnel will verify your details, and you’re all set! Learn about Baxi POS Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Contact Email

Requirements for a Bankly POS

Before you jump in, ensure you have the following:

  • A valid ID (International Passport, National ID, or Voters Card)
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Business License (only for registered businesses)
  • Valid BVN and Bank Account Number
  • An active email address

Cost of Bankly POS

The Bankly POS machine is priced at N25,000. Interestingly, N10,000 of this amount is refundable should you decide to return the machine in good condition. However, it’s essential to note that the POS isn’t for sale. If you don’t meet the target of 30 transactions per day (both withdrawals and deposits), the company reserves the right to reclaim the POS.

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Why Use WhatsApp for Financial Services?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have WhatsApp these days? It’s like asking if you remember the sound of a dial-up modem. Ancient history, right? The beauty of WhatsApp is its simplicity. No frills, no fuss, just straight-up messaging. But what if you could use it for more than just sharing memes and weekend plans?


  1. Convenience: No need to visit a branch.
  2. Quick Responses: Faster than email, more personal than a chatbot.
  3. Safety: Encrypted messages mean your financial data stays private.

Reaching Out to Bankly on WhatsApp

Ever heard the phrase, “It’s as easy as 1-2-3?” Reaching out to Bankly is precisely that.


  1. Save this number: 08186137808.
  2. Drop them a message or click here to start chatting.
  3. Ask away!

Bankly’s POS Terminal: Revolutionizing Transactions

Remember the times when card transactions meant bulky machines and long waiting times? Cue a nostalgic flashback. But times have changed, haven’t they?

The New Age POS:

  1. Compact Design: Fits right in your pocket!
  2. Fast Transactions: Say goodbye to annoying transaction delays.
  3. Affordable: At just N15,000, it’s a steal!

Safety First: Beware of Scams!

Isn’t it ironic how, as technology advances, scammers seem to get more creative? Always remember: DO NOT make payments into any personal accounts claiming to be Bankly agents.

Bankly Customer Care

Bankly’s Commitment to Customer Service

Bankly takes its customers seriously. Their dedicated customer care ensures that every query, concern, or feedback is addressed promptly and efficiently. Learn about Dotpay Customer Care

Contacting Bankly’s Head Office

  1. Physical Address: 11b Oko Awo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. Email
  3. Phone Numbers:
    • Head Office: +234 906 254 7554
    • Customer Care: +234 803 990 0060

Social Media Presence

  1. Facebook@Banklytech
  2. Twitter@BanklyNG

FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Q1: I live in Olodi Apapa Lagos; can I return a POS I’m not using?
A1: Yes, you can, provided the machine is in good condition.

Q2: How much does Bankly charge for withdrawals and deposits?
A2: For 1k, it’s 5 naira, and for 2k, it’s 10 naira. Charges vary with the amount.

Q3: I’m based in Abuja. How can I become an aggregator?
A3: It’s best to reach out directly to Bankly for partnerships.

Q4: Is it possible to pay on delivery for the POS?
A4: Payments are usually made directly at the office or via the company’s bank account.

Q5: I need a Bankly POS in Kogi state. How can I get one?
A5: Save and call the WhatsApp number mentioned earlier. They do nationwide deliveries!


In a world where everything is going digital, isn’t it lovely that our financial transactions can be as simple as sending a WhatsApp message? Bankly’s initiative to connect with customers on such a widely used platform is commendable. So, the next time you have a query, you know where to ping!

Remember, in the age of digitization, convenience is just a click away. So why wait? Give Bankly’s WhatsApp service a shot!

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