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Bayes Loan App kenya – Bayes is not just another loan app; it’s your financial partner in times of need. Based in Kenya, this all-in-one financial app provides a broad range of services—from quick microloans to a convenient way to track your spending.

Why Use Bayes?

Tired of juggling between different apps for different financial needs? Bayes has got you covered. This app provides a seamless experience whether you’re looking to borrow money, pay your bills, or even buy airtime. See SongaCash Loan App Kenya

Features of the Bayes Loan App kenya

Bill Payment

One of the standout features of Bayes is the ability to pay your bills directly from the app. No more logging into different platforms; do it all from one place.

Sending Money

Whether you need to send money to your family or pay a friend back for dinner, Bayes simplifies the process.

Buying Airtime

Low on airtime? Recharge your number instantly with Bayes.

Merchant Payments

From shopping online to dining out, Bayes makes it incredibly easy to pay merchants directly from the app.

Getting Started with Bayes

Downloading the App

Before you can start utilizing the plethora of features offered by Bayes, you’ll need to have the app installed on your smartphone. So how do you go about it?

  1. Open Google Play Store: Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Make sure your device is Android-supported and that you’re logged into your Google account.
  2. Search for Bayes: In the search bar, type “Bayes Loan App” and hit search.
  3. Download: Once you find the app, click on the ‘Install’ button. The app will download and install automatically.
  4. Launch the App: After installation, open the app to begin the registration process. Learn about Hikash Loan App Kenya

Registration Process

Getting registered on Bayes is as simple as 1-2-3, but let’s go through it step-by-step to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Open the App: If you’ve just downloaded it, the app should be open already. If not, find the Bayes icon on your home screen or app drawer and tap it.
  2. Provide Personal Details: A form will appear asking for various personal details. These will include your MPESA number, full name, ID number, date of birth, gender, and other necessary identification markers.
  3. Agree to Terms: Take a moment to read through the terms and conditions. Once you understand and agree with them, proceed to accept.
  4. Verification: After submission, you’ll receive a verification text containing a pin. Use this pin to complete the registration process.

Loan Requirements

Before you can start applying for loans, there are a few prerequisites you must meet. So what are these?

  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 24 years old to be eligible for a loan.
  2. Identification: A valid National ID or passport is mandatory for identification during the loan application process.
  3. MPESA Statement: Bayes requires a six-month MPESA statement to evaluate your loan application. Make sure you have this information readily available for quicker loan approval.
  4. Credit History: Though not explicitly stated, like any other lending platform, having a good credit history will likely improve your loan terms and the speed of approval.

By ensuring you meet these requirements, you’re not only increasing your chances of loan approval but also potentially unlocking better loan terms for yourself in the future.

Loan Repayment and Management

Repayment Schedule

Repayment is flexible with Bayes. You have a grace period of up to three days if you can’t make your payment on time.

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Loan Limits

Consistent and timely repayments can boost your loan limit over time, making Bayes a true financial partner for the long term.

Unique Features of Bayes

Instant Processing

The loan approval process is almost immediate after the submission of your MPESA statement. This AsapKash Loan Kenya

Six-Month Mpesa Statement

Bayes leverages your six-month MPESA statement to streamline the loan approval process, offering you the best possible loan terms.

What If You Lose Your Phone?

Don’t fret! As a registered user, you can access Bayes through a USSD code *879*88#.

Bayes Loan App USSD Code

Smartphones have become ubiquitous, but not everyone has one or wants one. The good news is that Bayes has not forgotten about you. You can still use the service even if you own a basic feature phone. How? Through the magic of USSD codes.

What is USSD?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Think of it like a conversation with your mobile phone: You send a message via a code, and it replies with the information or service you asked for. It’s the tech-savvy cousin of SMS, and the best part is that it works on virtually every mobile phone—smart or not.

How to Create an Account via USSD

  1. Dial the USSD Code: On your phone’s dialer, input *879*88# and then hit the call button.
  2. Follow the Prompts: You’ll receive text instructions guiding you through the account creation process. This will usually involve providing similar information as you would on the app: your full name, ID number, and MPESA number.
  3. Set Up a PIN: As with the app, security is paramount. You’ll be asked to set up a PIN to secure your account.
  4. Confirmation: Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Applying for a Loan via USSD

  1. Access the Loan Menu: Dial *879*88# again to access your Bayes account.
  2. Navigate: You’ll be presented with several options. Choose the one that relates to loans.
  3. Loan Amount: Specify how much you’d like to borrow. You’ll be given options or a space to enter a custom amount.
  4. Review and Submit: After confirming that all the details are correct, submit your loan application.
  5. Wait for Approval: You’ll receive a text message notifying you of the application status. If approved, you’ll find the loan amount in your Bayes account or directly sent to your MPESA account.

What About Repayment?

Just as you applied for a loan via USSD, you can repay it the same way. The process is just as simple and allows for flexibility for those who are not yet on the smartphone bandwagon. More about Cloud Loan App Kenya

Why USSD is a Game-Changer

For people who aren’t so tech-savvy or those who prefer the tactile feel of buttons, USSD provides a lifeline. It’s all about inclusivity. With USSD, Bayes makes sure that its services are accessible to all, breaking down the barriers that often come with technological advancements.

Who Owns the Bayes Loan App?

Wondering who’s behind this innovative platform? Bayes is the trading name of PI Capital, a diversified Kenyan microfinance organization. This means that when you’re using Bayes, you’re backed by a financially robust institution with a strong local presence.


Bayes stands out in the crowded field of digital lending platforms in Kenya by offering a one-stop solution for all your financial needs. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and quick, making it a go-to for any Kenyan looking for financial freedom.


  1. How quickly can I get a loan from Bayes?
    • Almost instantly, once you’ve submitted your six-month MPESA statement.
  2. Is Bayes available on iOS?
    • Currently, Bayes is only available on Android-supported smartphones.
  3. What’s the maximum loan limit on Bayes?
    • The loan limit increases based on your repayment history.
  4. How can I contact Bayes customer service?
  5. What happens if I miss a loan repayment?
    • Bayes offers a grace period of up to three days for repayments. After that, additional charges may apply.

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