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CDCFIB Immigration Shortlisted NIS Candidates 2024



CDCFIB Immigration Shortlisted NIS Candidates 2024
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CDCFIB Immigration Shortlisted NIS Candidates 2024: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the CDCFIB Immigration Shortlisted Candidates for 2024. This article is your go-to resource for the latest information on the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment process. Whether you’re curious about the shortlist release date or seeking guidance on checking your name, we’ve got you covered! See Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment 2024

Steps to Check Your Name on the NIS Shortlist

Ensuring you’re on the NIS shortlist for 2023 is a crucial step in the recruitment process. Here’s a detailed breakdown to guide you through:

1. Access the Board’s Portal

  • Why It’s Important: The official portal is your primary source for authentic information. It’s essential for candidates who have undergone stages like the computer-based test (CBT) and physical screening.
  • How to access: Navigate to the official NIS recruitment portal. Ensure you’re visiting the correct website to avoid any misleading information.

2. Download the Shortlist PDF

  • Locating the Download Link: Once on the portal, look for a link or button labelled “DOWNLOAD LIST”; it’s usually prominent on the page.
  • Download and save: Click the link to download the PDF file containing the list of shortlisted candidates. Save this file on your device for easy access and future reference. Apply for NYS Recruitment Application Form 2024

3. Search for Your Name

  • Using the Search Function: Open the downloaded PDF file. Most PDF viewers have a search function, usually accessible by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard. Use this feature to easily locate your name or application number.
  • What to Do If Your Name Appears: If you find your name, congratulations! You’re one step closer to joining the NIS. Prepare for the subsequent stages as outlined by the recruitment guidelines.
  • In Case You Don’t Find Your Name: If your name isn’t on the list, don’t lose hope. There are often multiple batches of shortlisted candidates, so keep an eye on the portal for future updates.

Important Dates

  • Documentation and Appointment Letters: The process of documentation and issuance of appointment letters for successful candidates will commence from August 15th to September 4th. This is a critical phase where you will need to submit and verify various documents as part of the recruitment process.

Notifications and Further Steps

Shortlisted candidates will receive notifications via email and SMS. Detailed information about subsequent recruitment stages will be provided to candidates appearing on the shortlist.

Staying Informed

To ensure you don’t miss any updates on the NIS recruitment list, consider bookmarking this page. We promise to bring you the latest information as soon as it’s available.

NIS Recruitment Link and Registration

The official portal for Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment is The same portal is used for Nigeria Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) recruitment. Apply for NCAT Recruitment 2023

Is the NIS 2023 recruitment shortlist out?

Latest Update: The list of shortlisted candidates for NIS 2023 is now available, as announced on NIS’s official Twitter handle. Follow the steps below to check your status:

  1. Visit the Status Checker Portal. Click on the provided link.
  2. Navigate to the Immigration Menu: Redirect to for detailed instructions.

Training and Documentation

Successful candidates will undergo training, which is an integral part of the recruitment process. This phase includes document verification and providing additional vital information.

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