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Faraja USSD Code Faraja Credit is a unique service tailored for Safaricom MPesa users in Kenya. It offers the convenience of purchasing goods from selected merchants and settling the payment at a later date, specifically after 30 days.

Faraja Loan Kenya – Faraja Loan is a revolutionary credit service introduced by Safaricom in collaboration with Equity Bank and Edomx Ltd. This service allows Safaricom subscribers to purchase goods ranging from Ksh 20 to Ksh 100,000 and settle the payment later. What sets Faraja apart from other credit services is its zero interest rate, meaning users aren’t burdened with additional fees. The only charges applicable are the M-Pesa fees at the point of sale, which are covered by Equity Bank.

Benefits of Using Faraja Credit

The primary advantage of this service is the flexibility it offers. Users can acquire essential goods when they need them and pay later, making it a valuable tool, especially during financial crunches. See Trending App in Zambia Mwachangu Loans Zambia and Mwachangu loans contact details, if you wish to know if they are legit see: Mwachangu Zambia Review | How to Use the Mwachangu Loan App

Key Features of Faraja Credit

Faraja Credit Interest Rates

One of the standout features of Faraja Credit is its 0% interest rate. However, users should be aware of other charges, such as USSD and M-PESA transaction fees.

Withdrawal Restrictions

It’s essential to note that Faraja Credit isn’t a cash withdrawal service. Users cannot withdraw funds from it, send money, or purchase airtime. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the purchase of goods and services from approved merchants, either in-store or online. See Zazipay Loan App Kenya

Repayment Process

After enjoying a 30-day grace period, the loan becomes due. Active Faraja loan holders can conveniently repay their loans using the USSD Code *799# or through the Faraja mini-app within the MPesa App. See Quick USSD Loans to M-PESA

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Accessing Faraja Credit

Faraja Credit USSD Code

The USSD code plays a pivotal role in the Faraja Credit service. By dialing *799#, MPesa customers can opt into the service and access their loans.

How to Opt-In

To start using Faraja Credit, users need to dial *799#. Upon registration, each customer receives a credit limit, determining the maximum amount they can spend on credit. This is the best Taxi ride in Zambia; Yango Taxi App Zambia Review

Credit Limits

The credit limits vary among users. While the highest credit limit stands at KES 100,000, the least qualified users might receive a limit as low as KES 20. Some users might not qualify at all, meaning they cannot access the service.

Using Faraja Credit for Purchases

Lipa Na M-PESA and Faraja Credit

Lipa Na M-PESA is the platform that facilitates purchases using Faraja Credit loans. It ensures a seamless transaction process between the buyer and the merchant.

Getting Support

Faraja Credit Contacts

For any queries or assistance, users can reach out to Faraja Credit’s customer care through the following:


Faraja Credit is a revolutionary service that bridges the gap between immediate needs and future payments. With its user-friendly features and robust support system, it’s no wonder that many Kenyans are opting for this service. Whether you’re looking to make a purchase now and pay later or seeking a flexible payment option, Faraja Credit has got you covered.


  1. What is the main purpose of Faraja Credit?
    • It allows users to purchase goods and services now and pay later.
  2. Are there any interest rates charged on the credit?
    • No, Faraja Credit charges a 0% interest rate. However, there are other transaction fees.
  3. Can I withdraw cash using Faraja Credit?
    • No, the service is strictly for purchasing goods and services.
  4. How do I repay my Faraja Credit loan?
    • You can repay using the USSD Code *799# or the Faraja mini-app in the MPesa App.
  5. Is there a maximum limit to the amount I can spend on credit?
    • Yes, the maximum limit is KES 100,000, but it varies based on the user’s qualifications.

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