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GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders 2024



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GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders 2024 – The GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders is a prestigious initiative aimed at nurturing the next generation of global health leaders. This program is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of health systems and advancing health-related research in Africa. It offers three scholarships each year for the academic session 2024-25, focusing on candidates who aspire to study in a one-year, full-time MSc program at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). This London-based, face-to-face learning opportunity is not only highly competitive but also immensely valuable in fostering expertise in global health. The scholarship covers full tuition fees, including any mandatory field trip expenses, and provides a substantial tax-free stipend of GBP 19,500.00 for living expenses. Targeted towards applicants from sub-Saharan Africa, the program emphasizes the importance of returning to their home countries to apply their new skills and knowledge. By focusing on those who otherwise could not afford such an education, these scholarships play a vital role in strengthening the health sector and research capabilities within the African continent, ultimately contributing to the improvement of public health outcomes.

Scholarship Value

The GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders offer a substantial financial package to support the selected scholars throughout their studies at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The value of each scholarship is meticulously designed to cover all essential costs associated with pursuing a full-time, one-year MSc program in London, thereby removing financial barriers for talented individuals from sub-Saharan Africa.

Tuition Fee Coverage: A significant component of the scholarship is the full coverage of tuition fees for the MSc program. This includes not only the core tuition costs but also any mandatory field trip fees that might be a part of the curriculum. By covering these fees, the scholarship ensures that scholars can focus on their studies without the worry of educational expenses.

Living Stipend: In addition to tuition fees, each scholarship recipient receives a tax-free living allowance. For the academic year 2024-25, this stipend amounts to GBP 19,500.00. The stipend is designed to cover living expenses in London, allowing scholars to maintain a reasonable standard of living while focusing on their academic and professional development.

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The eligibility criteria for the GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders are designed to identify and support individuals who have the potential to make significant contributions to health systems and research in Africa. These criteria ensure that the scholarships benefit those who are most likely to leverage this educational opportunity for the broader good of public health in the region.

  1. Nationality and Residence: Applicants must be nationals of, and residents in, countries within sub-Saharan Africa. This requirement aligns with the scholarship’s objective of bolstering health expertise in this region.
  2. Commitment to Return to Africa: Candidates must intend to return to sub-Saharan Africa upon completing their MSc year at LSHTM. This stipulation is crucial to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained are directly reinvested into local health systems and research.
  3. Financial Need: The scholarships target individuals who would be unable to afford the program without financial support. Applicants must confirm their financial need by submitting a Scholarships Application Form, demonstrating that they lack the means to self-fund their studies.
  4. Academic Qualifications: Eligible candidates must hold a first degree at either a first or upper second-class equivalency level. This academic requirement ensures that the scholarship recipients have a strong foundational knowledge and are prepared for the rigors of the MSc program.
  5. English Language Proficiency: Applicants must meet LSHTM’s minimum English language requirements, enabling them to fully engage with the curriculum.
  6. Admission Offer: Candidates must hold an offer of admission for one of LSHTM’s London-based intensive MSc programs for the academic year 2024–25.

How to Apply

Applying for the GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders involves a two-step process that is integral to ensuring candidates meet all eligibility criteria. The application deadline is set for 23:59 (GMT) on Monday, 04 March 2024, and it is essential that applicants complete both steps meticulously to be considered for the funding.

Step 1: Application for MSc Programme The first step requires candidates to submit an application for a London-based MSc programme at LSHTM for the 2024-25 academic year. This application must be completed following the instructions under the ‘How to Apply’ tab on the relevant programme of study page. It’s important to ensure that all required documentation, such as transcripts, references, and a CV, are submitted as part of this application.

Step 2: Scholarship Application In the second step, applicants must clearly indicate their intent to apply for the GSK Scholarships in the ‘FUNDING DETAILS’ section of their MSc programme application form. Failing to select the GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders in this part of the form will result in the application not being considered for the scholarship. Additionally, a completed Scholarships Application Form must be attached to the MSc programme application. This form is the primary document for scholarship consideration and should be filled out with care and precision

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