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Hiloan Zambia Review – In our increasingly digital world, we find ourselves continuously seeking convenience and ease in our financial interactions. Online lending platforms have emerged as a prominent solution to these needs, and today, we will be conducting an in-depth Hiloan Zambia Review, offering insight into the services they offer, and sharing firsthand experiences.

About Hiloan Zambia

Hiloan Zambia, an online platform for loans, is a local alternative to other popular lending apps such as ZamCash. The platform allows users to secure loans nearly instantly. Similar to ZamCash, Hiloan Zambia provides an easy and fast way to secure loans, but there are a few notable differences that this review will highlight.

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Hiloan Zambia

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The User Experience

Upon installing the Hiloan Zambia app, it’s important to be aware of the necessary requirements and procedures. Firstly, the app uploads all your contacts to its servers for verification purposes. You are also required to provide your full name, NRC number, and photos of your NRC. Additionally, you are asked to add two contacts, which could be parents, friends, or your spouse, before qualifying for a loan.

Despite claims of offering loans up to 5000 ZMK, the actual initial amount one can borrow seems to be considerably less. In my personal experience, I was only able to secure a loan of 150 ZMK.

The Fees and Turnaround Time

While the platform is not exactly instantaneous, loans are typically approved and disbursed within a few hours. However, the service and interest fees attached to these loans could be a point of contention for many users.

For instance, my initial loan of 150 ZMK, was disbursed as 125 ZMK after the deduction of service fees. Consequently, the total amount to be repaid was 180 ZMK, a significant increase from the initial loan amount. The repayment period for the loan, unlike ZamCash, was 80 days.

The platform also offers varying loan repayment periods, such as 120 days and up to 365 days. This could be a great advantage if you are able to secure larger loan amounts and comfortably meet the repayment requirements. If you are an iPhone lover, see How Much Is Iphone 6s Plus Uk Used In Slot?

Trust and Transparency

Transparency and trust are fundamental in any financial interaction. Unfortunately, Hiloan Zambia falls short in these areas. The identities behind the platform are currently unknown. Efforts to locate them via their app name on Facebook turned up empty, and their website was not accessible at the time of this review.

The only contact details available within the app were an email address and a phone number, offering little reassurance about their authenticity. This lack of transparency raises red flags, making it challenging to fully trust the platform.

Hiloans Zambia Mobile Lending Application Faces User Complaints

Hiloans, a mobile lending application, has been receiving a series of complaints from users recently. These complaints are mainly related to pending loans, unresponsive contact numbers, and general dissatisfaction with the service.

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Pending Loans

Many users have reported issues related to loans that remain pending and have yet to reflect in their bank accounts. One user, Musonda Gregory, stated on April 3, 2023, “I borrowed the money using your application & repay & now am trying to borrow its refusing. it has been pending for 5hrs.” This a great deal for tecno users, see How much is Tecno Pova 3 in Nigeria easy buy?

Other users, such as Emmah, Sambo Rabecca, Emmanuel Banda, Angela, Lilian Mukuka, Sylvester Malaya, and others, also reported similar experiences with pending loans that don’t show up in their accounts.

Contacting Hiloans

Several users reported that they were unable to contact Hiloans for support. They expressed frustration with the company’s contact numbers being unreachable or not being attended to. Christopher, a user who tried reaching out to Hiloans, said, “Been trying to reach high loan today nothing….my number is 0975875924, I have a complication with my loan.”

Sylvester Malaya also mentioned, “I applied for a loan on 09.04.2023, upto it is still pending nothing is reflecting, phone numbers are either busy or off or not responding, where is the problem, then you start demanding for payment of which money was not received, that is also scamming.”


The complaints and grievances lodged by users indicate a noticeable dissatisfaction with the Hiloans mobile lending application. Several issues emerge consistently from user feedback, notably, loans remaining in pending status for extended periods and ineffective communication channels for customer support.

The administrative responses, while demonstrating attempts to assist, fall short of providing satisfactory solutions or explanations. References to network issues as a root cause of problems remain unsubstantiated, and the lack of responsiveness to the contact numbers provided only compounds user frustration.

In conclusion, Hiloans appears to be facing significant challenges in delivering a consistent and satisfying user experience. To regain user trust and ensure continued usage of their platform, it is crucial that they address these concerns promptly. They need to implement a more effective and reliable loan approval process, as well as establish a robust and responsive customer support system. Until these changes are made, users may wish to consider alternative lending platforms for their financial needs.

Hiloan Zambia Contact Details

For immediate queries or assistance:

  • Toll-Free Number0979957660

Reach out to discuss their loan offerings, interest structures, or the application procedure. Their dedicated customer support is at your service from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


  1. What is Hiloan Zambia? Hiloan Zambia is an online platform that offers nearly instant loans to its users.
  2. How much can I borrow from Hiloan Zambia? Despite claims of offering loans up to 5000 ZMK, initial loan amounts seem to be much lower, at around 150 ZMK.
  3. Are there any fees associated with Hiloan Zambia loans? Yes, there are service and interest fees. For example, a loan of 150 ZMK resulted in a disbursement of 125 ZMK after fees and a total repayment amount of 180 ZMK.
  4. Who operates Hiloan Zambia? The operators of Hiloan Zambia are currently unknown. The only available contact details are an email address and a phone number.

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