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how do I check my transaction history on Moniepoint without using a POS machine?



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how do I check my transaction history on Moniepoint without using a POS machine? Moniepoint, a platform offering financial services, has garnered a massive audience owing to its reliability and simplicity. A frequent question by its users is “How do I check my transaction history on Moniepoint without using a POS machine?” If you’ve been asking yourself the same question, we’ve got you covered.

1. The Value of Tracking Your Transactions

Tracking transactions is essential for managing your finances. It keeps you updated about your spending, receipts, and transfers. By monitoring your transactions, you can ensure all interactions are accurate, thereby avoiding any discrepancies.

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2. Accessing Moniepoint: Where It All Begins

Accessing your transaction history on Moniepoint starts with logging into your account. You can do this either via the web portal or the mobile app.

3. Navigating the Interface: Locate the Menu Icon

Once you’ve logged in, look at the top left-hand corner of your screen. You’ll notice three horizontal lines – this is the menu icon. Clicking on it opens a dropdown list of options.

4. Delving into Transactions: All Transactions Tab

In the dropdown list, you’ll see an option titled ‘All Transactions.’ Clicking on this tab will lead you to your transaction history.

5. Exploring Your Transaction History: Your Financial Footprint

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On selecting the ‘All Transactions’ tab, you’ll be able to see all the transactions associated with your account. Whether you use your account for personal purposes or business, all interactions will be listed here.

6. Browsing Through the Details: Type and Status of Transactions

The transaction history not only shows the transactions you’ve made but also provides further details such as the type of transaction (e.g., airtime, transfer, withdrawal) and its status.

7. Understanding Transaction Status: Completed, Unsuccessful, Declined

The ‘Status’ column gives information about the outcome of the transaction. ‘Completed’ means the transaction was successful. However, if the transaction was not successful, it would indicate as ‘Unsuccessful’ or ‘Declined.’

8. Thorough Scroll Down: Discover More Transactions

Scrolling through your transaction history might reveal a multitude of transactions. Take your time to go through each one to ensure all are familiar and correct.

9. Error Detection: What If a Transaction Did Not Go Through?

If you notice a transaction marked as ‘Unsuccessful’ or ‘Declined,’ this signifies that the interaction did not go through for some reason. This could be due to insufficient funds, incorrect details, or network issues.

10. Conclusion: The Simplicity of Checking Your Transaction History

To sum it up, checking your Moniepoint transaction history is an uncomplicated process that offers insight into your financial activity. All it takes is a few clicks and scrolls. Keep monitoring your transactions regularly for a better financial management experience.

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