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How to Cardless Withdrawal on Moniepoint POS



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How to Cardless Withdrawal on Moniepoint POS – In the rapidly evolving world of digital banking, cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS stands out as a notable feature. This article will guide you on how to leverage this innovative service, ensuring that you enjoy secure and convenient transactions.

1. Introduction to Moniepoint POS Cardless Withdrawals

Moniepoint has introduced a product known as POS Transfer, designed to shield their agents, fondly referred to as business owners, from fraudulent activities. This system helps secure transactions from dubious individuals, fraudsters, and unnecessary legal cases.

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2. Understanding POS Transfer

The POS Transfer feature comes with a unique twist. Moniepoint provides a dedicated account separate from the one you have on your dashboard. This account is linked to the POS, ensuring a layer of protection against fraudulent activities.

3. Account Number and Transactions

Once a customer wishes to make a cardless withdrawal, provide them with the dedicated account number attached to the POS. With this system, you save yourself from potential fraud and avoid unnecessary inquiries about transaction alerts.

4. Checking Transaction Status

You can monitor all your transactions conveniently using your dashboard. As such, while you focus on your business operations, your POS machine will keep running, allowing you to perform cashless transactions smoothly.

5. Conducting a POS Transfer

To initiate a cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS, simply provide the customer with the unique account number. Once the transaction is initiated, you’ll receive a pop-up message on your screen, where you can either accept or decline the transaction.

6. Receipt Generation

Upon accepting the transfer, a receipt gets printed out instantly. This process is straightforward and user-friendly, simplifying the entire withdrawal process.

7. Accessing POS Transfer via ‘More’

The POS Transfer feature is also accessible through the ‘More’ option on your POS device. Here, you will see options such as ‘Pending Transfer,’ ‘Accepted Transfer,’ and ‘Declined Transfer.’

8. Understanding ‘Pending Transfer’

‘Pending Transfer’ refers to a situation where a customer has initiated a transfer to your account, but due to network issues or other circumstances, the transaction hasn’t been fully processed. After 24 to 48 hours, if the transaction remains unaccepted, it will be reversed back to the customer.

9. Understanding ‘Accepted Transfer’ and ‘Declined Transfer’

‘Accepted Transfer’ shows all the transactions you’ve accepted, while ‘Declined Transfer’ displays all the transactions you’ve declined. These options help you keep track of your transactions for efficient record-keeping.

10. Secure and Hassle-Free Business Operations

The introduction of cardless withdrawals with Moniepoint POS has revolutionized business operations, offering a seamless, secure, and hassle-free transaction experience. It eliminates the fear of fraudulent activities and unnecessary legal encounters, empowering you to conduct your business with peace of mind.

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  1. What is a cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS?

    Cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS refers to the process where customers can withdraw money from their accounts using the POS device without needing a physical debit or credit card.

  2. How does the Moniepoint POS Transfer work?

    Moniepoint POS Transfer allows customers to transfer money to a dedicated account linked to the POS. Once the transaction is initiated, the business owner receives a notification to either accept or decline the transfer.

  3. What happens if I decline a transfer?

    If a transfer is declined, the money will be reversed and sent back to the customer’s account.

  4. What is a ‘Pending Transfer’ on Moniepoint POS?

    A ‘Pending Transfer’ occurs when a transfer has been initiated by a customer but hasn’t been fully processed due to network issues or other circumstances. If the transfer isn’t accepted within 24 to 48 hours, the funds will be returned to the customer’s account.

  5. Is cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS secure?

    Yes, Moniepoint POS uses secure encryption technology to ensure all transactions are safe. The dedicated account feature further secures transactions, providing a layer of protection against fraud.

  6. How can I track my transactions on Moniepoint POS?

    You can track all your transactions using the dashboard on your POS device. It offers options to view ‘Pending Transfers,’ ‘Accepted Transfers,’ and ‘Declined Transfers.’

  7. What if a customer’s transfer does not appear on my POS device?

    If a customer’s transfer does not appear on your POS device, it could be due to network issues or a delay from the customer’s bank. If the issue persists, contact Moniepoint’s customer support for assistance.

  8. Can all customers use cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS?

    Yes, all customers who have the necessary bank account details can initiate a cardless withdrawal on Moniepoint POS.

  9. What should I do if I encounter an error while using Moniepoint POS for cardless withdrawals?

    If you encounter an error while using Moniepoint POS, note the error message and reach out to Moniepoint’s customer service for help.

  10. Are there any charges for cardless withdrawals on Moniepoint POS?

The charges for cardless withdrawals on Moniepoint POS may vary depending on your agreement with Moniepoint and the customer’s bank. It’s advisable to verify this information with Moniepoint or the bank in question.

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