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How To Change Your WAEC Date Of Birth



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How To Change Your WAEC Date Of Birth – Have you ever spotted an error in the date of birth or name on your WAEC certificate? You’re not alone. Many students have faced this issue and have been eager to find a solution. Fortunately, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has a procedure in place to address such concerns. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to correct any discrepancies on your WAEC certificate, ensuring your credentials are accurate and up-to-date. See Kanono Loans Zambia


For School and External Candidates:

  • Locate a WAEC Office:

Start by identifying the closest WAEC state or zonal office to your location. It’s essential to approach the official channels to ensure the legitimacy of the correction process.

  • Obtain an Attestation Letter:

Approach your school’s administrative office and request an Attestation Letter. This document serves as evidence that you were, or still are, a genuine student of that institution. It’s a crucial step in verifying your identity and association with the school.

  • Draft an Application Letter:

Write a concise letter specifying the error on your WAEC certificate and the correction you wish to make. Ensure you provide all necessary details, including your examination year and candidate number, to facilitate easy tracking of your records.

  • Present Your Birth Certificate:

WAEC will need to cross-check the date of birth details you’ve provided with an official document. Carry along the original copy of your birth certificate when visiting the WAEC office.

  • Provide the Original WAEC Result

To pinpoint the mistake and make the necessary corrections, you’ll need to present the original WAEC result that has the error. This step ensures clarity and accuracy in the correction process.

  • Sworn Affidavit is Essential:

Legal documentation is vital when making official changes. Obtain a Sworn Affidavit from a high court, explicitly stating the correction of the date of birth on your WAEC certificate. This document provides legal backing to the changes you’re requesting.

  • For Graduates:

If you’ve completed your secondary education and have graduated, you’ll need to provide additional proof. Present your school register or any other document that confirms you were part of the graduating class in your school.

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  • Make the Payment:

Administrative processes often come with associated fees. For this correction, you’ll be charged a fee of N10,000. Ensure you get an official receipt for your payment. Once the payment is confirmed, the WAEC office will begin processing your request. They’ll notify you once your corrected certificate is ready for collection.

For Internet Candidates:

  • Approach Your School:

Your school remains a primary point of contact for any WAEC-related issues. Begin by submitting the necessary documents to your school principal. They will act as a liaison between you and WAEC, making an official request for the correction on your behalf.

  • Visit Your Examination Center:

Head back to the school or institution where you took the WAEC examination. It’s crucial as this is the place that has your examination records.

  • Inform the School Management:

Engage with the school management or the examination coordinator. Clearly explain the error you’ve identified on your WAEC certificate and emphasize your intention to rectify it.

  • Submit the Required Documents:

Every official process requires documentation. Ensure you provide all the necessary documents that support your claim. Remember, the list of required documents remains the same, whether you’re a private candidate or registered through a school. Apply for Mwachangu Loans Zambia, See their Requirements and Mwachangu loans contact details

  • Pay the Processing Fee:

There’s a fee associated with the correction process. While the exact amount can vary based on the school’s administrative policies, be prepared for it to be around or slightly above N10,000. Always get an official receipt or acknowledgment for your payment.

Note: After successfully submitting your request and making the payment, expect a waiting period of 4 – 6 months for WAEC to process and finalize your request.

Cautionary Advice

Beware of fraudsters! Always ensure you deal directly with official WAEC offices. Avoid engaging with touts outside the WAEC premises or anyone claiming to offer correction services elsewhere. Your credentials are crucial; ensure they’re in the right hands.

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