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How to pay back GTB Quick Credit loan in Nigeria with USSD code



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How to pay back GTB Quick Credit loan in Nigeria with USSD code – Do you find yourself in a bind, having taken a loan from GTB Quick Credit and now wondering how to repay it? You’re not alone. Many Nigerians have benefited from this fantastic financial service, but repaying can sometimes be a puzzle. Let’s demystify that process for you.


The concept of borrowing money has revolutionized financial accessibility for countless individuals and businesses. It’s a lifeline during tough times, ensuring that life or business doesn’t come to a standstill due to financial constraints. But remember, with great borrowing power comes great responsibility – the responsibility to repay. See Paga USSD Code

What is GTB Quick Credit?

Overview of GTB Quick Credit

GTB Quick Credit is a financial solution from Guaranty Trust Bank, tailored for those moments when you need cash in a flash. Whether it’s for an emergency, an investment opportunity, or even a vacation, GTB has got you covered. With loan amounts ranging from N5,000 to N5 million, and a flexible repayment period of up to 12 months, it’s a borrower’s dream. And the cherry on top? A competitive interest rate of just 2.0% per month. But remember, there’s a Credit Insurance Fee of 1%.

Other GTB Loan Products

GTB isn’t just about Quick Credit. They offer a plethora of other loan services like GT Salary Advance, Max Advance, and more. But for now, let’s keep our eyes on the prize – repaying that Quick Credit loan. See Faraja USSD Code

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How To Pay Back GTB Quick Credit Loan In Nigeria

Importance of Tracking Loan Payments

Before diving into the repayment methods, a quick tip: Always monitor your loan repayments. It’s your safeguard against discrepancies and ensures you maintain a healthy credit score. See Quick USSD Loans to M-PESA

Paying Via USSD Code

Steps to Pay Via USSD Code

  1. Dial *737*0#
  2. Choose option 4 (replacement).
  3. Next, pick option 2 (close credit).
  4. Authenticate with your pin, and you’re done!

Paying Via Bank App

Steps to Pay Via Bank App

  1. Have the GTBank app? Great! If not, download it.
  2. Log in.
  3. Spot the Quick Loan icon? Click it.
  4. Opt for the Salary Advance option.
  5. Hit the Repay Loan button.
  6. Authenticate, and voila, you’re settled!

How do I check my GTB quick credit?

To check your GTB Quick Credit status or eligibility, Guaranty Trust Bank has made the process quite simple and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Using Your Mobile Phone:

    • Ensure the mobile number you’re using is the one registered with your GTB account.
    • Dial the USSD code 73751*51#.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts. This will provide you with details about how much you can borrow using QuickCredit.
  2. Online Platform:

    • Visit the official GTBank website at
    • Navigate to the QuickCredit section.
    • Here, you can find more information about the loan service, including terms, interest rates, and other relevant details.
    • Some platforms might also offer an online eligibility checker where you input some details to check your loan limit.
  3. GTBank Mobile App:

    • If you have the GTBank mobile app installed, log in using your credentials.
    • Navigate to the loans or QuickCredit section.
    • Here, you can view your eligibility, and loan limit, and even apply directly from the app.
  4. Visit a GTBank Branch:

    • If you prefer face-to-face interactions or need more detailed information, you can always visit a GTBank branch near you.
    • Speak to a customer service representative about QuickCredit, and they can provide you with details about your eligibility and potential loan amount. How do I buy data from Opay using the USSD code?

Remember, QuickCredit is designed to be a fast and efficient way to access funds when you need them. However, always ensure you understand the terms and conditions, including interest rates and repayment terms, before taking out a loan.


Loans, when used wisely, can be a game-changer. But always remember to repay on time. With GTB Quick Credit, repayment is as easy as borrowing, especially with the methods we’ve outlined. So, next time you borrow, repay with confidence!


  1. What’s the maximum amount I can borrow with GTB Quick Credit?
    • You can borrow up to N5 million.
  2. Is there a fee associated with GTB Quick Credit?
    • Yes, there’s a Credit Insurance Fee of 1%.
  3. Can I repay my loan before the due date?
    • Absolutely! Early repayment is allowed.
  4. What if I face issues while repaying via the app?
    • You can contact GTB customer service for assistance.
  5. Are there other loan products from GTB?
    • Yes, GTB offers various loan products like GT Salary Advance, Max Advance, and more.

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