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How to Retrieve Your NABTEB Registration Number



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How to Retrieve Your NABTEB Registration Number – Misplacing your NABTEB (National Business and Technical Examinations Board) May/June or Nov/Dec candidate number can be quite distressing. This candidate number is essential for retrieving your NABTEB exam results, verifying your certificate, and utilizing other associated services. If you find yourself in this situation, fear not; we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you retrieve your lost NABTEB candidate number. See Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for CPC Recruitment 2023

The Importance of Your NABTEB Candidate Number

Your NABTEB candidate number is a unique identifier that distinguishes you in the examination system. It comprises a combination of numbers and letters and is essential for accessing various NABTEB services. Without your candidate number, you may encounter difficulties in viewing, printing, or authenticating your results.


Visit the NABTEB Retrieval Portal

To begin the procedure of getting back your misplaced NABTEB candidate number, head over to the NABTEB Retrieval Portal using this link: NABTEB Portal. The portal is specifically set up to help candidates retrieve their candidate numbers with ease.

The Retrieval Process

Once on the NABTEB Retrieval Portal, you will need to follow a step-by-step process to retrieve your lost candidate number. Here’s a breakdown of the retrieval process:

Step 1: Providing Your Details

The path to retrieving your misplaced NABTEB candidate number starts by furnishing the required information precisely.. Here’s what you need to input:

Your Full Name

Ensure that the name you provide matches the one used during your NABTEB registration. Maintaining uniformity in your name details is vital for successful recovery.

Examination Type

Specify whether you took the NABTEB examination in the May/June or Nov/Dec session. This information helps narrow down the search in the NABTEB database.

Examination Year

Indicate the year in which you sat for the NABTEB examination. Accurate entry of this detail is vital for pinpointing your records. More about Nigeria Police Recruitment Portal 2023

School or Examination Center Name

Provide the name of the school or examination center where you wrote the NABTEB exam. This piece of information further refines the search process.

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The significance of entering these details accurately cannot be emphasized enough. Mistakes at this juncture might hinder the recovery process.

Step 2: Verification

Once you’ve supplied your details, the NABTEB Retrieval Portal swings into action. It conducts a thorough validation by comparing the details you supplied with the vast NABTEB database.

The verification stage is where accuracy truly matters. Any inconsistencies or discrepancies discovered during this phase could pose obstacles to the successful retrieval of your candidate number.

Step 3: Retrieval Confirmation

Congratulations! Assuming that the verification process proceeds without issues, and your candidate number is successfully located in the NABTEB database, you will receive a retrieval confirmation message.

This message is a pivotal moment in the process. It provides your retrieved NABTEB candidate number, allowing you to access vital examination information. With your candidate number in hand, you can confidently navigate various NABTEB services and retrieve your examination records and results. This FCSC Recruitment 2023 | Requirements & How to Apply

You Can Check Your Result Using Your Mobile Phones

Send SMS in the format below:
NABTEB*ExamNo*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear To short-code 32327
For example:
To check for May/June results,
To check for Nov/Dec results,
Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. Ensure there are no spaces in the message.
Anticipate the delivery of your result to your mobile phone through an SMS.

What Should I Not Do?

Avoid using a card that has been previously used for a different candidate.
Ensure you provide a valid email address for the results; entering an incorrect one will result in a deduction from your card usage.

The Convenience of Online Retrieval

Retrieving your lost NABTEB candidate number through the NABTEB Retrieval Portal offers convenience and efficiency. This service is available globally, ensuring that NABTEB candidates, whether in Nigeria or abroad, can easily access it. Learn about NACA Recruitment 2023/2024 | Step by Step Guide on How to Apply

Final Thoughts

Misplacing your NABTEB May/June or Nov/Dec candidate number might feel overwhelming, but thanks to the NABTEB Retrieval Portal, the recovery process is streamlined and effective. Remember, your candidate number is your gateway to accessing your examination records and results, so take the necessary steps to retrieve it promptly.



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