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Is Nomba legit?



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Is Nomba legit? With today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, mobile banking apps are the future of banking, and Nomba Financials has entered the arena as a promising contender. Having started its journey in 2017, Nomba Financials is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to provide swift, hassle-free banking experiences to Nigerians. Sounds fantastic, right? But what exactly does Nomba Financials offer? Let’s deep dive!

How to Activate NOMBA (KUDI) POS

Step 1: Contact the Provider

To begin the activation process, get in touch with the person or entity that provided you with the NOMBA POS. This could be your equity staff or the authorized agent who obtained the POS for you. Ensure they have already submitted your details to the respective office for mapping. Learn How To Write An Application Letter For Zambia Police Recruitment

Step 2: Confirm Mapping Approval

Once your details have been submitted, wait for the approval to map the terminal to your account. Upon receiving the go-ahead, you will be able to proceed with the activation process. See Moniepoint Charges | How much does a POS agent charge per transaction in 2023?

Step 3: Prepare Your NOMBA POS

Ensure your NOMBA POS is ready for activation by following these steps:

  • Insert a SIM card or connect to an accessible Wi-Fi network.
  • If using a hotspot, ensure the hotspot password consists of numbers, not alphabets.
  • For SIM card usage, ensure sufficient data is available.

Step 4: Power On the POS

Power on your NOMBA POS and proceed with the activation process as follows:

  1. Click on “Enter” when you see the “Welcome” screen.
  2. Go to the “Admin” menu by entering the password “000000” (six zeros).
  3. Scroll down by pressing the downward button until you reach the Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Connect your POS to the Wi-Fi network or hotspot, following the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Test Transaction

Next, conduct a test transaction to verify that the terminal is functioning correctly. This process will also help confirm if the terminal is mapped to your account.

  1. From the main menu, select “Test POS.”
  2. Choose “Savings” or “Current” accounts as required.
  3. Enter a nominal amount for the test transaction (e.g., 1 Naira or 5 Naira).
  4. Insert your ATM card and complete the test transaction.
  5. Observe if the test transaction reflects in your wallet balance.

Step 6: Log in to NOMBA App

After successfully conducting the test transaction, log in to your NOMBA app using your registered phone number and PIN. Confirm that the test transaction amount has been credited to your wallet. If the amount appears in your wallet balance, it indicates that your NOMBA POS is now fully activated and linked to your account.

Congratulations! Your NOMBA (KUDI) POS is now activated and ready for seamless transactions. Ensure your POS has a stable network connection, and you are good to go.

How to withdraw with a Nomba (KUDI) POS Terminal

Step 1: Access the POS Interface

Turn on the Nomba POS terminal, and you’ll be presented with a welcome screen. To initiate a withdrawal, press the “Enter” button on the POS.

Step 2: Select the “Cash Out” Option

On the POS interface, you’ll see various options. Choose the “Cash Out” option as it is specifically meant for withdrawals. See Moniepoint Charges | How much does a POS agent charge per transaction in 2023?

Step 3: Choose Account Type

Depending on the type of account your customer is using (savings or current), you’ll need to select the appropriate option on the screen. In this example, we’ll select “Savings.”

Step 4: Enter the Withdrawal Amount

Now, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount the customer wants to withdraw. Let’s say the customer wants to withdraw ₦10. To enter the amount, use the numeric keypad on the POS. For ₦10, you’ll press “1,” followed by “0.” After entering the amount, press the “Enter” button to proceed. Learn How To Write An Application Letter For Zambia Police Recruitment

Step 5: Insert the Customer’s ATM Card

The POS will prompt you to insert the customer’s ATM card into the designated slot. Gently insert the card with the chip facing up.

Step 6: Customer Enters PIN

Once the ATM card is inserted, the POS will display a message requesting the customer to enter their PIN. The customer should enter their confidential PIN using the POS keypad.

Step 7: Confirm the Transaction

After the PIN is entered, the POS will process the transaction. It will connect to the banking network to authorize the withdrawal. The POS will display a confirmation message once the transaction is approved.

Step 8: Transaction Approved

The POS will show the approval message along with the withdrawn amount. In this case, you will see “Approved” and “₦10” on the screen.

Step 9: Collect the Receipt

You can print a receipt for the transaction if your customer requires one. The POS will prompt you to print the receipt, and you can do so by following the on-screen instructions.

Core Offerings of Nomba Financials

Nomba Marketplace

A unique feature of Nomba is its Marketplace. Imagine having a platform that amplifies your business reach and provides myriad financial solutions – that’s Nomba Marketplace for you. With a network of dedicated mobile agents, it ensures that businesses can tap into a larger customer base. From sending and receiving payments to customer onboarding, the features are endless. And did we mention the bonuses like insurance and education? Oh, and don’t even get me started on their FMCG facilities!

Nomba Savings

Ever wondered about the unbanked or underbanked Nigerians and how they manage their savings? Nomba Savings is tailor-made for them. Offering a seamless way for daily thrift collections, it’s more than just a savings platform. Plus, you can send/receive payments, buy airtime, and manage utility bills. Convenience at its best!

Becoming a Nomba Financials Agent

Dreamt of being a financial superhero in your community? Becoming a Nomba agent can make it real! All it takes is a simple app download, account setup, and wallet funding. And voilà, you’re set to provide basic banking solutions to everyone around.

POS Withdrawal Charges

Nobody likes hidden charges, right? Nomba believes in transparency. Depending on your withdrawal amount, the charges vary. Whether it’s N25 for small withdrawals or 0.6% for larger ones, everything is upfront.

How to Download the Nomba App

Currently android exclusive, the Nomba app is your gateway to financial freedom. Searching for it on Google Play Store is your first step towards an enhanced banking experience.

Contact Details

Ever felt the need to reach out? Whether it’s an address in Lagos or a direct email, Nomba Financials ensures you’re always heard.

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How to Perform Cardless Withdrawal on Kudi (Nomba) POS Terminal

Step 1: Accessing the POS Interface

To begin the cardless withdrawal process, turn on your Kudi POS terminal and access the main interface. You can do this by pressing the “Enter” button on the POS.

Step 2: Select the “Cash Out” Option

Once you are on the main interface, select the “Cash Out” option from the menu. This option is used for all withdrawal transactions.

Step 3: Choose “Cardless Withdrawal

In the “Cash Out” menu, you will see two options: “Card” and “Cardless.” Choose the “Cardless” option, as we will be performing a withdrawal without using an ATM card.

Step 4: Generate Pay Code

After selecting “Cardless Withdrawal,” the POS will present two sub-options: “Generate Pay Code” and “Full Save.” For this tutorial, select “Generate Pay Code” by pressing the corresponding button.

Step 5: Enter Agent PIN

The POS will prompt you to enter your agent PIN for security verification. Input your unique PIN and press the “Enter” button to proceed.

Step 6: Select Customer’s Bank

Next, the POS will ask you to select the customer’s bank. Scroll through the list of supported banks and choose the appropriate one that the customer is using for the withdrawal.

Step 7: Enter the Customer’s Phone Number

You will be required to enter the customer’s registered phone number linked to their bank account. Ensure you input the correct phone number to proceed with the transaction.

Step 8: Specify Withdrawal Amount

After entering the customer’s phone number, the POS will prompt you to specify the withdrawal amount. Input the amount the customer wishes to withdraw using the numeric keypad.

Step 9: Generate the Pay Code

Once you have specified the withdrawal amount, the POS will generate a unique pay code. Share this code with the customer, either verbally or by displaying it on the POS screen.

Step 10: Customer Enters the Pay Code

The customer will use their mobile phone to dial the pay code. They will follow the prompts on their phone to select the bank account to debit and enter their USSD PIN for authorization.

Step 11: Validate the Transaction

After the customer enters their PIN and the transaction is initiated, the POS will validate the transaction. Wait for the POS to display a “Validation” message.

Step 12: Transaction Approval

Once the POS successfully validates the transaction, it will display an “Approved” message. The customer’s withdrawal request is now complete, and they can collect their funds.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed a cardless withdrawal on your Kudi (Nomba) POS terminal. Cardless withdrawals provide a convenient solution for customers and enhance the efficiency of your POS services.

Nomba (KUDI) App Review

Overview of the Nomba App

The Nomba app is designed to provide users with a hassle-free experience when it comes to managing their finances. It offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for both tech-savvy and novice users to navigate. With its impressive array of features, Nomba aims to streamline financial transactions, ensuring that users can access their funds and carry out transactions swiftly and securely.

Hiding Balance and Funding Bets

A common concern among users is the need for privacy regarding their account balance. In this regard, Nomba allows users to hide their account balance, providing an added layer of confidentiality. Furthermore, Nomba extends its functionality beyond basic transactions by facilitating bet funding, including partnerships with sports betting platforms like SportyBet. This integration aims to make betting more convenient for users, enhancing their overall experience.

Transaction Visibility Issue

Some users have expressed concerns about transaction visibility within the app. Occasionally, transactions fail to appear promptly, leading to discrepancies in the transaction history. This issue, while not widespread, has been raised by a few users. Nomba should address this concern to ensure accurate and real-time transaction tracking for all users. Learn How To Write An Application Letter For Zambia Police Recruitment

Responsive Customer Support

Prompt and responsive customer support is crucial for any financial app, and Nomba understands this importance. Users have generally reported a satisfactory experience with the customer support team, with issues being resolved promptly. However, there have been isolated cases of delayed responses or difficulty in reaching the support team. Nomba should continue to prioritize responsive customer support to enhance user confidence and satisfaction.

Login and App Update Challenges

A handful of users have encountered login and app update issues, leading to frustrations and limited app access. Such problems can hinder the user experience and impede the smooth functioning of the app. To rectify these issues, Nomba should focus on optimizing app updates and resolving login difficulties to ensure uninterrupted usage for all its users. This a great deal for tecno users, see How much is Tecno Pova 3 in Nigeria easy buy?

Enhancing Transaction Filtering

A specific feature that users find lacking in the Nomba app is the transaction filtering option. The latest version of the app does not allow users to filter transactions by custom dates, making it challenging to track specific transactions. Addressing this limitation and providing more comprehensive filtering options will improve user convenience and overall satisfaction.


The Nomba (KUDI) app has established itself as a reliable and efficient platform for financial transactions. With its user-friendly interface, it caters to a broad audience seeking simplicity and effectiveness in managing their finances. However, there are areas for improvement, such as transaction visibility, customer support responsiveness, login and app update issues, and transaction filtering.

To maintain its position as a leading financial app, Nomba should continually seek user feedback and address the concerns raised promptly. By doing so, Nomba can ensure that its users enjoy a seamless and secure experience while transacting with the app. With the potential to become a dominant player in the financial tech industry, Nomba has an opportunity to redefine the way we handle our money in the digital age.

Verdict – Is Nomba legit?

The digital banking realm is buzzing with numerous players, but Nomba Financials is setting new benchmarks. With its strong focus on customer-centric solutions and transparent processes, it’s making financial transactions as simple as a click. So, is Nomba legit? With everything we’ve uncovered, Nomba is Legit 100%.


  1. What sets Nomba Financials apart from other mobile banking apps? Nomba leverages artificial intelligence and an extensive agent network, focusing specifically on the Nigerian payment ecosystem.
  2. Is the Nomba app available for iOS users? Currently, the app is available only on the Google Play Store for Android users.
  3. How do the Nomba Marketplace and Nomba Savings benefit users? While the marketplace offers an extensive agent network for businesses, the savings platform caters to the underbanked, offering daily thrift collections.
  4. Are there any hidden charges with Nomba? Nomba maintains transparency in its POS withdrawal charges, with rates depending on the withdrawal amount.
  5. Can I become a Nomba agent without prior banking experience? Yes, by simply downloading the app, registering, and funding your wallet, you can become an agent and offer basic banking services.

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