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Kuwait Launches Online Part-Time Work Permits for 2024



Kuwait Launches Online Part-Time Work Permits for 2024
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Kuwait Launches Online Part-Time Work Permits for 2024

Kuwait’s government has launched a new online portal to streamline the process of obtaining part-time work permits. The move is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s labor market and make it easier for job-seekers to obtain part-time work. Visit: University of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for International Students with Free Visa Support 2024



The new digital system promises to simplify the process of obtaining part-time work permits, making it more efficient and accessible for both employers and employees. With the launch of this online portal, the Kuwaiti government is taking a significant step towards digitizing its labor market and embracing new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services.


Kuwait Launches Online Part-Time Work Permits

Kuwait has introduced an online system for obtaining part-time work permits, following the recent policy allowing private sector workers to take on a second job. The initiative aims to improve convenience and efficiency for both employers and potential part-time workers, tap into existing manpower, provide flexibility for businesses, and enhance opportunities for individuals.

The System Explained:

The new online system, accessible through the “Sahel” platform, offers a smooth and efficient application process for obtaining part-time work permits. Users need to provide basic information and relevant documentation, and the system guides them through the application process. Fees for the permit duration range from KD5 for a month to KD30 for a year. Notably, Kuwaiti citizens are exempt from these fees.


Time Limits and Exceptions:

In general, a maximum of four hours per day applies to the second job. However, the contracting sector enjoys an exemption from this time limit due to its unique labor demands. This ensures flexibility while maintaining a balance with primary employment commitments.

Challenges and Considerations:

Despite the promise of the initiative, certain challenges require attention. Potential conflicts with primary jobs, ensuring fair treatment and wages for part-time workers, and adapting regulations for specific sectors are some key areas that need careful consideration.


Looking Ahead:

The online part-time work permit system represents a significant step towards a more agile and dynamic labor market in Kuwait. By harnessing technology and promoting flexibility, this initiative has the potential to benefit both individuals and businesses while contributing to the country’s economic and social development. As the program unfolds, monitoring its impact and addressing any emerging challenges will be crucial to ensuring its long-term success.

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