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MIGO Loan App – Migo is a digital lending platform that caters to users in Nigeria, offering a seamless loan application experience and swift loan disbursement. Accessible via any device with internet capabilities, Migo has revolutionized the lending scene with its user-friendly interface and tailored loan offers.

Types Of Migo Loan

Migo extends two primary loan categories:

  • Personal Loans: Tailored for individuals with pressing personal expenses, be it medical emergencies, educational fees, or home renovations.
  • Business Loans: Designed for budding entrepreneurs or established business owners looking to expand their ventures. See Zuri Cash Loan App Kenya

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Features and Benefits of Migo

Migo stands out in the crowded lending market with its unique offerings:

  • Fast loan processing times: Say goodbye to long waits. Migo ensures you get your loan in record time, often within hours.
  • Flexible repayment options: With Migo, you have the liberty to choose your repayment schedule, be it weekly or monthly.
  • Competitive interest rates: Based on your credit score, Migo offers some of the most competitive rates in the market.
  • Credit scoring system: Migo’s advanced credit scoring mechanism evaluates users based on diverse data points, ensuring fair loan terms.
  • Customer support: Facing an issue? Migo’s dedicated support team is just a call or message away.

Requirements For A Migo Loan

To be eligible for a Migo loan, ensure you have:

  • An active bank account.
  • A valid Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • A regularly used phone number (for the past 90 days).
  • An account history of at least three months. Learn about SongaCash Loan App Kenya

How To Apply For A Migo Loan

Getting a loan from Migo is as easy as pie:

  1. Head to their official website.
  2. Enter your active phone number.
  3. Specify your loan amount and repayment terms.
  4. Share your bank details for loan disbursement.
  5. Register your debit card details for hassle-free repayments. *Note: As of this article’s publication, Migo doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the USSD code *561# is a handy alternative.

Migo Interest Rate

Interest rates with Migo can range between 5% to 25%, contingent on the loan amount and repayment duration.

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Migo Repayment Term

Repayment terms with Migo can vary from 14 days up to a month.

Pros and Cons of Migo

Every platform has its highs and lows. Here’s what Migo brings to the table: Pros:

  • Swift loan disbursement.
  • User-friendly application process.
  • Varied repayment options.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Stellar customer support. This Carbon Loan App Kenya


  • Some loan products might have higher interest rates.
  • New users might face restrictions on loan amounts.

User Reviews of Migo

The majority of Migo users have lauded the platform for its efficiency and customer-centric approach. While the interest rates are competitive, some users have expressed concerns about the rates on specific loan products. New users might also face initial restrictions on loan amounts.

Founders of Migo Loan

Migo Loan isn’t the brainchild of a bank or a traditional financial institution. Instead, it’s the vision of two forward-thinking individuals:

  • Kunle Olukotun: A seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for innovation.
  • Ekechi Nwokah: A tech enthusiast with a passion for financial solutions.

Together, they laid the foundation for Migo Loan, aiming to bridge the financial gap for countless Nigerians

How to Contact Migo Loan

Migo understands the importance of effective communication and offers multiple channels for individuals and businesses to get in touch:

  • Phone: For immediate assistance or to speak directly with a Migo representative, you can dial +23417002274. This is especially useful for urgent concerns or detailed discussions.
  • Address: If you prefer face-to-face interactions or need to handle official documentation, you can visit Migo at 3B Adekunle Lawal Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and schedule an appointment.
  • Email: For detailed queries, feedback, or official correspondence, you can shoot an email to This method is ideal for non-urgent concerns or when you need to attach documents.
  • Website: For general information, FAQs, or to explore Migo’s offerings, their official website is a comprehensive resource. You might even find answers to your questions in their FAQ section. See Kashbean Loan App Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Migo loan legit?
    • As of this article’s date, Migo is a legitimate and trustworthy lending platform.
  2. How to get a loan from Migo?
    • Follow the steps mentioned in the article or use the USSD code *561#.
  3. How do I access 200,000 worth of loans on Migo?
    • While Migo offers loans from N500 to N500,000, eligibility criteria apply, especially for new users.
  4. What is the USSD code of the Migo loan?
    • Migo’s USSD code is *561#.
  5. How to repay loans on Migo?
    • Repayments can be made via bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Quickteller, or the USSD code.

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