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Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card



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Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card – Mintyn Digital Bank revolutionizes banking with traditional services and a virtual dollar card. This card empowers users for global transactions on platforms like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. A key feature is the seamless sending and receiving of money internationally. To unlock this, users need to fund their Mintyn account, enhancing financial flexibility and enabling borderless transactions.


Mintyn Online Banking transforms money management with swift and secure registration. Seamlessly conduct online money transfers, check balances, manage bills, invest, and shop for affordable groceries in real-time. The platform prioritizes user-friendly features, ensuring efficiency in various financial tasks. Experience the convenience of Mintyn as it brings banking to your fingertips, empowering you with control and accessibility for a modern and efficient financial journey

Mintyn Digital Bank, a product of Finex Microfinance Bank, operates under the license of the Central Bank of Nigeria and is insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Company. As a digital challenger bank, Mintyn aims to deliver exceptional banking services and experiences to users through innovative products and disruptive quality service delivery​

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Is Mityn a Bank or Wallet

Mintyn is a licensed bank, offering a ten-digit current account. With your Mintyn account, you can receive money from any licensed commercial or microfinance bank in Nigeria. It is important to note that Mintyn is a bank, not a mobile wallet

Key Features

  1. Zero Charges: No Monthly Fees
    • Experience a budget-friendly banking solution with Mintyn, where there are no hidden charges or monthly fees on personal or business accounts.
    • Enjoy transparent financial management without worrying about recurring costs that can affect your bottom line.
  2. 100% Online Signup: Quick and Convenient
    • Embrace the future of banking with Mintyn’s seamless online signup process, allowing you to create your account within minutes, all from the comfort of your phone.
    • Say goodbye to the tedious paperwork and lengthy procedures associated with traditional banking, as Mintyn prioritizes a hassle-free experience.
  3. 24/7 Customer Support: Real Human Assistance
    • Feel supported around the clock with Mintyn’s dedicated 24/7 customer support team, providing real human assistance whenever you need it.
    • Whether you have questions about transactions, account management, or any other banking-related inquiries, help is just a message or call away.
  4. Virtual Cards: Truly Borderless Experience
    • Unlock the potential of borderless transactions with Mintyn’s virtual cards, offering a secure and convenient way to manage your finances globally.
    • Shop online, make international payments, and enjoy the flexibility of a virtual card that transcends geographical boundaries.
  5. Mintyn Gift Card: Alternative to Virtual Dollar Card
    • Explore the Mintyn Gift Card as a versatile alternative for making purchases in dollars and pounds, providing a unique and thoughtful gifting option.
    • Whether for personal use or as a present for someone special, the Mintyn Gift Card opens doors to a world of possibilities, combining the flexibility of a gift card with the advantages of virtual currency.

How to Apply for a Mintyn Account:

ID Requirements:

  1. Government-Approved ID:
    • To unlock the full potential of a limitless Tier three account, ensure you have a valid government-approved ID. Accepted IDs include an international passport, Voters Card, National ID, or Drivers’ License.
    • Work ID or student ID is also accepted but comes with specific limits on your account.

Account Opening Options:

  1. Bank Account or BVN:
    • Choose your preferred method for account opening – link your Mintyn account with another existing bank account you may have or use your BVN (Bank Verification Number).
    • This flexibility ensures a smooth onboarding process tailored to your preferences.
  2. Passport Photograph:
    • Snap a selfie during the account opening process to personalize your Mintyn account.
    • This adds a personal touch to your profile and enhances the security of your account.

Accept Terms and Conditions:

  1. Review and Accept:
    • Before finalizing your application, carefully review and accept Mintyn’s terms and conditions.
    • This step ensures transparency and mutual understanding between you and Mintyn regarding the usage and policies of the account.

Security Measures:

  1. Security Questions:
        1. Strengthen the security of your Mintyn account by setting up personalized security questions. These questions will be crucial for account recovery in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
        2. Choose questions and answers that are unique to you for enhanced protection.
  1. Phone Number Verification:
        • Ensure the security of your account by verifying your phone number through a One-time passcode (OTP).
        • This additional layer of security guarantees that only authorized individuals can access and manage the account.

Limits on Mintyn Accounts:

  1. Tier One:

    • Inflow Limit: ₦300,000 per transaction.
    • Cumulative Max Balance: ₦300,000.
  2. Tier Two:

    • Max Cumulative Balance: ₦500,000.
    • Outflow Limit: ₦200,000 per transaction.
  3. Tier Three:

    • No Inflow Limit.
    • No Cumulative Max Balance.

Default Transfer Limits:

  • Mintyn to Other Bank: ₦250,000.
  • Mintyn to Mintyn: ₦500,000.

Note: Limits can be increased up to ₦5,000,000

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