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New Loan Apps in Nigeria 2023



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new loan apps in nigeria 2023 – Alright, folks, let’s talk money—specifically, where you can get some quick loans in Nigeria without jumping through a gazillion hoops. Gone are the days of waiting in long bank queues. With new loan apps popping up like popcorn, getting a loan is now as easy as ordering takeout. So what are the hottest new loan apps to try in Nigeria in 2023? Let’s dive in! See Top 20 Loan Apps in Nigeria

1. Irorun Loan App: Your Pocket-Sized Money Pal

This baby offers loans from 1,000 to 50,000 Naira with flexible repayment plans. With an interest rate between 3% and 5%, it’s like a chill friend who lends you money without much fuss. Easy-peasy, right?

Customer Reviews: Folks love how simple and fast the whole process is.

2. Payday Advance: Your ‘I Need Cash ASAP’ App

Looking to borrow up to a whopping 1 million Naira? Payday Advance is your go-to! But watch out for those higher interest rates, though.

Customer Reviews: People are talking about transparent terms and quick approval.

3. Yescredit Loan: No Red Tape Here!

Yescredit is the newbie in town offering loans up to 100,000 Naira. It’s like the Tinder of loan apps—minimal documentation and a quick swipe to approval.

Customer Reviews: Users love the straightforwardness and quick service but do mention some concerns about data privacy.

4. Blocka Cash: The Cool New Kid on the Block

Blocka Cash is the rising star among new loan apps in Nigeria. This app is like that helpful neighbor who lends you stuff with a smile.

Customer Reviews: It’s winning hearts for its low interest rates and snappy approval.

5. Xcross Cash: Fast & Fuss-Free

Just like its name, Xcross Cash is all about crossing out your money problems. Borrow from 10,000 to 50,000 Naira with a tap of your finger!

Customer Reviews: Users love the easy terms and fast loan disbursement.

6. P2Vest: The Community Lender

It’s like a potluck but for loans. P2Vest operates on a peer-to-peer lending model, offering an interest rate between 2% to 20%.

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Customer Reviews: Users love the innovative approach and the competitive rates.

7. Kredi Loan: Quick and Uncomplicated

Kredi Loan is like that reliable friend who always comes through when you’re in a pinch. Borrow up to 500,000 Naira without breaking a sweat.

Customer Reviews: Users appreciate the fast service and straightforward application process.

8. Umba Loan: The Future Is Here

Umba is changing the game, guys! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of financial services.

Customer Reviews: People love the smooth user interface and the quick loan approval.

9. Kuda Loan: Simple but Effective

Kuda offers loans up to 200,000 Naira with interest rates of 0.3% daily. It’s like a reliable car that always starts, no matter what.

Customer Reviews: Folks are raving about the easy application process and quick loan approval.

10. FINT: A Well-Rounded Choice

Last but definitely not least, FINT is your all-around great choice for quick loans, with amounts going up to 1 million Naira.

Customer Reviews: Users love the fast loan disbursement and the easy application process.

Swipe Right on Your Financial Match

Choosing the right loan app for you is like dating; you need to find your perfect match. Look for transparency, consider the interest rates, and above all, make sure they treat your data like a guarded treasure. See Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria


Life’s too short to stress about loans. With new loan apps like these, you can sort your financial needs with a few taps on your phone. So go ahead, and swipe right on your perfect financial match!


  1. How secure are these new loan apps?
  • Most of these apps have robust security measures to keep your data safe.
  1. What are the general interest rates?
  • Interest rates vary from 2% to 30%, depending on the app and the loan amount.
  1. Is there a maximum loan amount?
  • It depends on the app, but you can borrow up to 1 million Naira with some options.
  1. Do these apps require a credit score check?
  • Some do, some don’t. Make sure to read the terms before you apply.
  1. How quickly can I get the loan?
  • Most apps disburse the loan into your account within a day or two after approval.

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