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Nigerian Navy 2023/2024 Recruitment – Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Batch 35 recruitment for 2023/2024



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Nigerian Navy 2023/2024 Recruitment – The Nigerian Navy, a prestigious branch of the country’s armed forces, is known for its rigorous selection process and the diverse opportunities it offers. With the announcement of the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Batch 35 recruitment for 2023/2024, many aspiring individuals are eagerly looking to be a part of this esteemed institution. This article aims to provide comprehensive guidance on the recruitment process, including an overview of the positions available, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and important deadlines.


The Nigerian Navy’s recruitment process is an annual event that draws the attention of numerous candidates across the nation. This year, the focus is on Basic Training School Batch 35. The recruitment spans various categories and offers multiple positions, appealing to a wide range of skills and interests. Some of the key roles include Marine Engineer Mechanics, Weapon Electrical Mechanics, Automobile Mechanics, Communications Personnel, and more. Each position has specific responsibilities and requirements, which are detailed on the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal.

2023 Recruitments in Nigeria

Eligibility for Nigerian Navy Recruitment

The Nigerian Navy sets specific eligibility criteria for applicants to ensure that only qualified candidates apply for the various positions. Understanding these requirements is crucial for any potential applicant. The eligibility criteria span various aspects, from nationality to educational qualifications. Below is a detailed explanation of each criterion that must be met to be eligible for the Nigerian Navy recruitment:

  1. Nationality
    • Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria. This is a fundamental requirement, as the position demands loyalty and dedication to the nation.
    • A valid means of identification is required to prove this citizenship. This could be a National Identity Card, a valid Nigerian passport, or a voter’s card.
  2. Age Limit
    • For school certificate holders, the age limit is set between 18 to 22 years. This caters to young individuals right after completing their secondary education.
    • For those with higher educational certificates, the age bracket is slightly extended to 18 to 26 years. This allows graduates and those with further education to apply.
  3. Marital Status
    • Applicants must be single and without children. This requirement is in place to ensure that the recruits can fully commit to the rigorous training and duties without significant personal distractions or obligations.
  4. Health Criteria
    • The Navy demands a certain level of physical fitness and health standards. Therefore, individuals with any form of physical or medical challenges are exempted from applying.
    • This criterion ensures that all personnel can withstand the physical demands of naval duties.
  5. Height Requirements
    • Male applicants are required to be at least 1.69 meters tall, while female applicants must be at least 1.65 meters tall.
    • These height requirements are in place to ensure that all personnel can effectively handle the physical aspects of naval operations.
  6. Educational Qualifications
    • A minimum educational qualification is mandatory. This includes one of the following:
      • West African Senior School Certificate
      • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level
      • National Examination Council (NECO)
      • National Business and Technical Examinations (NABTEB)
      • WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guild
      • Ordinary National Diploma (OND)
      • First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)
    • These qualifications ensure that all recruits have a basic level of education necessary for training and service.
  7. Other Requirements
    • Applicants must have a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and National Identification Number (NIN). These are important for identity verification and financial transactions.
    • A birth certificate is required to verify the age of the applicant.
    • Additionally, a duly completed Parent/Guardian consent form is necessary for applicants who are under the age of 18 at the time of application.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is the first step in the application process for the Nigerian Navy recruitment. It is important to carefully assess whether you meet all these requirements before applying, as failure to meet any of these criteria can lead to automatic disqualification.

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How to Apply for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023

Applying for the Nigerian Navy recruitment is a process that requires careful attention to detail.

  1. Visit the Official Recruitment Portal
    • Start by visiting the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal or its Alternative Link. These portals are the only official online platforms where the recruitment process is conducted.
    • It’s important to use these official links to avoid falling prey to scams or unofficial websites.
  2. Create Your Account
    • On the portal, you’ll find an option to create a new account. Click on this to begin the registration process.
    • You will be required to input your National Identification Number (NIN), a valid email address, and create a password. Ensure that the email address you use is one you have access to, as this will be the primary means of communication during the recruitment process.
    • After providing these details, click the “Register” button to proceed.
  3. Login and Complete the Application Form
    • Once your account is created, log in using the credentials you just set up.
    • You will be directed to the application form. This form is comprehensive and requires accurate and detailed information.
    • Fill out each section of the form carefully. This includes personal information, educational background, any relevant experience, and other necessary details.
    • Ensure that all information provided is accurate and truthful. False information can lead to disqualification.
  4. Upload Required Documents
    • The application process requires you to upload certain documents. These may include educational certificates, identification documents, and any other specified documents.
    • Before uploading, check the specifications for each document, such as file size and format.
    • Scanned copies of the documents should be clear and legible. Blurry or unreadable documents may lead to application rejection.
  5. Review and Final Submission
    • Before submitting your application, take the time to review all the information and documents you have provided.
    • Check for any errors or omissions. Remember, once submitted, you might not have the opportunity to make changes.
    • Once you are satisfied that everything is correct and complete, submit your application.
    • Note the closing date of the application process and ensure that you complete your submission well before this deadline.

Remember, the application process is just the first step in a competitive selection process. Therefore, it is essential to follow these steps meticulously to increase your chances of success. Keep a copy of your application and any correspondence for future reference. Stay informed about the next stages of the recruitment process by regularly checking the official Nigerian Navy recruitment portal.

Closing Date

The closing date for the Nigerian Navy 2023/2024 recruitment is crucial, as applications submitted after this date will not be considered. As of now, the exact closing date has not been announced. Applicants are advised to regularly check the recruitment portal or this page for updates on the deadline.

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