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Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2023 – Eligibility, How to Apply & Closing Date



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Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2023 – The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has announced its recruitment drive for 2023, providing a unique opportunity for both graduates and non-graduates to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s port operations. This recruitment process is a chance for aspiring professionals to join a prestigious federal government organization committed to innovation, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.


The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), a pivotal entity in Nigeria’s maritime sector, was restructured under the CAP 155 Ports Act, updated in 1999. Its significance in the national economy is marked by its comprehensive management of port operations across the country. In 2005, under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, NPA underwent a significant reform, shifting towards a private-public partnership model. This strategic move substantially improved its operational efficiency and service delivery.

NPA’s responsibilities extend beyond traditional port management. It includes the provision and maintenance of essential infrastructure like quay and cargo handling facilities at all ports under its jurisdiction. Additionally, NPA is responsible for offering pivotal marine services like sewage and pilotage, as well as supplying water and fuel to ships at these ports​.

At the heart of NPA’s operations is a commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. The Authority aspires to be a national brand asset, exemplifying first-rate client service and operational excellence. The collaborative management of six major Nigerian ports, involving the Nigerian Shippers Council, the Ministry of Transport, and other government agencies, showcases the NPA’s dedication to fostering partnerships that enhance Nigeria’s maritime industry​.

2023 Recruitments in Nigeria


For those seeking to join the Nigerian Ports Authority, specific eligibility criteria must be met:

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  1. Nationality and Work Permits: The recruitment process is open to Nigerian citizens. However, individuals who are not citizens but possess the necessary work permits are also eligible to apply. This inclusion ensures that the NPA harnesses a diverse range of talents and skills essential for its operations.
  2. Online Application Submission: Candidates are required to apply through the NPA’s official website. This process involves submitting a comprehensive CV that details the applicant’s skills, experiences, and qualifications, ensuring that the authority can assess the suitability of each candidate effectively.
  3. Educational Certificates: It is mandatory for applicants to provide their original educational certificates for verification purposes. This step is crucial as it helps maintain the integrity and standard of the recruitment process, ensuring that only qualified individuals are considered.
  4. Aptitude Test: Applicants must be prepared to participate in an aptitude test. This test is a critical component of the selection process, designed to assess the candidates’ problem-solving abilities, understanding of relevant subjects, and suitability for the roles available within the NPA.

These eligibility criteria reflect NPA’s commitment to recruiting individuals who are not only qualified but also prepared to contribute significantly to the organization’s objectives and the broader maritime sector of Nigeria​​.

How to Apply

For those interested in applying for a position at the Nigerian Ports Authority, there are two primary methods:

  1. Online Application: The preferred method is through the NPA’s official career portal. Candidates should prepare a detailed CV, including their email address, contact information, and a comprehensive list of their qualifications. This digital submission ensures a streamlined and efficient application process.
  2. Mail Application: As an alternative, applicants can send their applications via mail. These should be addressed to the General Manager of Human Resources at the Nigerian Ports Authority. The mailing address is 26/28 Marina, Lagos. This option is particularly useful for those who prefer a more traditional application method or face challenges with online submissions.

Both methods require the applicant to provide detailed personal and professional information to ensure a thorough evaluation process. The choice of application method should be based on convenience and accessibility for the applicant​.

Closing Date

The closing date for the NPA recruitment application has not been explicitly mentioned. Candidates are advised to submit their applications promptly and keep themselves updated by regularly visiting the official NPA website or contacting their office for any announcements regarding the deadline.

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