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Ocean Plus Loan App Kenya – In today’s fast-paced world, financial flexibility and accessibility are paramount. For Kenyan borrowers seeking quick and affordable loans, the Ocean Plus Loan App stands as a reliable solution. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the offerings, features, and essential information you need to know about the Ocean Plus Loan App in Kenya. See Zazipay Loan App Kenya

Loan Offerings and Interest Rates

Loan Amount Range:
Ocean Plus Loans cater to a wide range of financial needs, with loan amounts ranging from small sums to a substantial Ksh20,000. These loans are disbursed promptly to the borrower’s M-Pesa account, ensuring swift access to funds when needed most.

Low-Interest Rates:
One of the standout features of Ocean Plus Loans is the remarkably low-interest rate, starting as low as 0.5% per day. This competitive rate ensures that borrowers can access funds without the burden of exorbitant interest charges.

How to Download and Set Up the Ocean Plus Loan App

Google Play Store:

  1. Open Google Play Store:
    Firstly, unlock your mobile device and navigate to the Google Play Store application. It’s usually represented by a colorful “Play” icon.
  2. Search for “Ocean Plus Loan App”:
    Once you’re in the Google Play Store, tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. Type “Ocean Plus Loan App” and press “Search” or the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Locate the App:
    Among the search results, you should see the Ocean Plus Loan App. It may have an app icon with the Ocean Plus logo or a similar identifier.
  4. Download and Install:
    Click on the app to access its page. You’ll find a “Download” or “Install” button. Tap on it to initiate the download and installation process.
  5. Accept Permissions:
    The app will request certain permissions, such as access to your device’s storage or contacts. Review these permissions and tap “Accept” to proceed with the installation. More about Okoa Mia Loan App Kenya
  6. Create Your Account:
    After the app is successfully installed, open it. You will typically need to create an account by providing the necessary personal details. This may include your name, phone number, email address, and in some cases, a password.
  7. Verification:
    Following the account setup, the app may send a verification code to your registered phone number or email. Enter this code to verify your account.
  8. Log In:
    Once your account is verified, log in using the credentials you provided during the account creation process.

Website Access:

  1. Open Your Web Browser:
    Launch your preferred web browser on your device, whether it’s on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Enter Ocean Plus Website:
    In the web browser’s address bar, type the official website address for Ocean Plus. Ensure that you’re using the correct URL to access their services.
  3. Navigate to Loan Services:
    Once on the Ocean Plus website’s homepage, explore the site to locate the loan services section or loan application page. There should be clear links or buttons guiding you to apply for a loan.
  4. Complete the Application:
    Click on the link/button to access the loan application form. Fill out the necessary information as prompted, which typically includes personal details, loan amount, and repayment terms.
  5. Create an Account:
    During the application process, you may be asked to create an account if you haven’t done so previously. Follow the instructions to provide the required information. Learn about Sotiwa Loan App Kenya
  6. Verification:
    Similar to the mobile app, you might receive a verification code via email or SMS to confirm your account. Enter the code to verify your identity.
  7. Log In:
    Once your account is verified, you can log in using your newly created credentials.

Ocean Plus Loan


  1. Kenyan Residency: Borrowers are typically required to be Kenyan residents to access loans through the Ocean Plus Loan App. Proof of residence may be requested during the application process.
  2. Age Limit: Borrowers usually need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for loans. Some lenders may have a higher minimum age requirement.
  3. Valid ID: A valid government-issued identification document, such as a national ID card, passport, or driver’s license, is commonly required for identity verification.
  4. Mobile Phone: Since the Ocean Plus Loan App is a mobile lending platform, borrowers will need a mobile phone with an active SIM card registered in their name. This is crucial for communication and loan disbursement.
  5. M-Pesa Account: Many mobile lenders in Kenya disburse loans directly to borrowers’ M-Pesa accounts. Therefore, having an active M-Pesa account is often a requirement.
  6. Credit Score: Some lenders may check a borrower’s credit history and credit score as part of the loan approval process. However, not all lenders consider credit scores and some focus on other factors like repayment history with the lender.
  7. Registration on the App: Borrowers typically need to download and register on the Ocean Plus Loan App to access loan services. This involves providing personal information and creating an account. This is Zenka Loan App Kenya
  8. Verification Documents: Depending on the lender’s policies, borrowers may be asked to provide additional documents, such as proof of income or employment, utility bills, or bank statements.
  9. Consent for Access to Phone Data: Some lenders may request permission to access certain data on the borrower’s mobile phone, such as call logs or SMS history, to assess creditworthiness.
  10. Good Repayment History: Having a positive repayment history with the lender can improve a borrower’s chances of loan approval for subsequent loans.

Loan Repayment Options and Duration

Repayment Within the App:

Managing loan repayment through the Ocean Plus Loan App is designed to be a seamless and user-friendly process. Here’s how it works:

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  • Convenience: Once you’ve borrowed funds through the app, you can conveniently manage your loan repayment directly within the application. This eliminates the need for borrowers to visit physical locations or use alternative payment methods.
  • In-App Repayment Feature: The app typically includes a dedicated section or feature for loan repayment. Borrowers can access this feature easily from their account dashboard.
  • Secure Transactions: Ocean Plus Loan App prioritizes the security of financial transactions. When making repayments within the app, borrowers can have confidence that their payments are processed securely, protecting their sensitive financial information.
  • Immediate Confirmation: Repaying through the app often results in immediate confirmation of the payment, providing borrowers with peace of mind that their obligation has been fulfilled. Visit PesaPap Loan App Kenya

Loan Repayment Period:

Ocean Plus recognizes the importance of flexibility in loan repayment, considering that borrowers have varying financial situations and capabilities. The app offers a generous loan repayment duration:

  • Range of Repayment Periods: Borrowers can choose a loan repayment period that aligns with their financial circumstances. This period typically spans from 120 days to 360 days.
  • Catering to Financial Needs: The extended repayment period ensures that borrowers can comfortably manage their loan obligations without undue financial strain. It allows for more extended planning and budgeting.
  • Customization: The ability to select from a range of repayment periods provides borrowers with a degree of customization. This allows them to tailor their loan repayment schedule to their unique financial capabilities and preferences.
  • Avoiding Rushed Repayments: The extended repayment duration can help borrowers avoid rushed or overly tight repayment schedules, reducing the risk of missed payments or financial stress.

Accessing Customer Support

No Phone Numbers:

While Ocean Plus Loan App does not provide phone numbers for customer support at this time, they have established an alternative and efficient method for borrowers to seek assistance:

  • In-App Chat Feature: Ocean Plus recognizes the importance of direct and convenient communication with borrowers. To address queries, and concerns, or provide assistance, the app incorporates an in-app chat feature. More about HF Whizz Loan App Kenya

Benefits of the In-App Chat Feature:

  1. Instant Communication: The in-app chat feature allows borrowers to initiate real-time conversations with Ocean Plus support representatives directly from the app interface. This ensures swift access to assistance when needed.
  2. Accessibility: Borrowers can access the in-app chat feature at any time, eliminating the need to adhere to specific business hours. This accessibility ensures that assistance is available even during non-traditional hours or urgent situations.
  3. Efficient Query Resolution: The chat feature streamlines the process of addressing borrower queries or concerns. Borrowers can articulate their issues, provide necessary details, and receive prompt responses, expediting the resolution process.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The in-app chat feature is typically designed with user-friendliness in mind. It often includes options for attaching files, sharing screenshots, or describing issues in detail, making it easier for both borrowers and support agents to understand and resolve problems.
  5. Privacy and Security: Communication within the app’s chat feature is generally secure and private, providing a safe environment for borrowers to discuss their financial matters and seek assistance.

How to Use the In-App Chat Feature:

The exact steps for accessing and using the in-app chat feature may vary based on the Ocean Plus Loan App’s interface. However, it typically involves the following general steps:

  1. Login: Ensure that you are logged in to your Ocean Plus Loan App account.
  2. Access Support: Look for a dedicated “Support” or “Help” section within the app. This is where you’ll usually find the in-app chat feature.
  3. Initiate Chat: Click on the chat icon or option to initiate a new chat session with Ocean Plus support.
  4. Describe Your Query: Clearly articulate your query, concern, or issue in the chat message. Include any relevant details that can assist the support representative in understanding and resolving the matter. Learn about Timiza Loan App Kenya
  5. Engage in Conversation: Engage in a real-time conversation with the support representative who responds. They will provide guidance, assistance, and solutions based on your query.
  6. Follow Instructions: Follow any instructions or suggestions provided by the support representative to address the issue effectively.


In conclusion, the Ocean Plus Loan App in Kenya offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking quick loans. With a broad range of loan amounts, low interest rates, and flexible repayment options, it has become a go-to platform for financial assistance. Remember to download the app from the Google Play Store, or if you prefer, access their services via their website. Always exercise caution and avoid any requests for upfront fees during the loan application process. For assistance, rely on the in-app chat feature for support. Ocean Plus Loan App simplifies the borrowing experience, helping you navigate your financial journey with ease.

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1 Comment

  1. Agnes Damiano

    October 17, 2023 at 11:23 am

    I have been trying yo borrow money using this App,but I didn’t manage. Suddenly, I have seen a message saying that I was given a thousand this morning which did not reflect in mpesa. Am supposed to pay in a week time. How now?

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