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Paga POS Charges And Commission



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Paga POS Charges and Commission – Ever thought about the technology behind that swift transaction at your local store? Dive in as we explore the world of Paga POS.

What is Paga POS?

Paga is not just another POS system; it’s a revolution in the financial sector, simplifying transactions for businesses and consumers alike. See Dotpay Customer Care

The Growing Popularity of POS Systems

In today’s fast-paced world, POS systems like Paga are more than just transaction tools. They’re the backbone of modern retail, offering a plethora of services beyond just payment processing.

The Services Offered by Paga POS

From depositing money to buying airtime, Paga POS offers a range of services tailored to the needs of its diverse user base.

Depositing Money

Gone are the days of long bank queues. With Paga POS, depositing money is as simple as a tap. Read about Baxi POS Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Contact Email

Money Withdrawal

Need cash? No worries. Paga POS ensures you can withdraw money anytime, anywhere.

Bills Payment

From utilities to subscriptions, Paga POS has got you covered. Paying bills has never been easier.

Money Transfer

Send money to loved ones or business associates seamlessly with Paga POS.

Purchasing of Airtime

Running low on airtime? Top up in seconds with Paga POS.

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Understanding Paga POS Charges

Every service comes with a cost, but with Paga POS, transparency is key. Learn about PayCentre POS Customer Care

The Structure of Charges

Paga POS charges a total of 7.5% for all transactions, striking a balance between affordability and quality service.

Factors Influencing Charges

While the standard charge is 7.5%, various factors like transaction volume and type can influence the final cost.

The Commission Structure

Being a Paga agent is not just about facilitating transactions; it’s also about earning commissions.

Benefits for Agents

With every transaction, agents earn a commission, making it a lucrative venture for those looking to expand their income streams.

How Commissions Are Calculated

Commissions are calculated based on the transaction type and volume, ensuring fairness for all agents. This is Fidelity Bank Customer Care

Becoming a Paga Agent

Thinking of joining the Paga family? Here’s how.

Steps to Follow

  1. Download the Paga app.
  2. Register within the app.
  3. Fund your Paga account.
  4. Start facilitating transactions and earning commissions.


Paga POS, with its transparent charge structure and diverse service offerings, is redefining the POS landscape in Nigeria. Whether you’re a consumer or an aspiring agent, Paga POS promises efficiency, transparency, and profitability.


  1. How much does Paga POS charge for transactions?
    • Paga POS charges a total of 7.5% for all transactions.
  2. Can I pay my bills using Paga POS?
    • Yes, Paga POS offers a bills payment service.
  3. How can I become a Paga agent?
    • To become a Paga agent, download the app, register, fund your account, and start transacting.
  4. Is the commission for agents fixed?
    • Commissions vary based on transaction type and volume.
  5. Is Paga POS only available in Nigeria?
    • As of now, Paga POS primarily operates in Nigeria.

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