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Simple Steps to Make Transfer on Moniepoint POS



Steps to Make Transfer on Moniepoint POS
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Simple Steps to Make Transfer on Moniepoint POS – Ultimate Guide: Sending Money Made Easy with Moniepoint POS – Welcome to your go-to tutorial for sending money without any stress using your Moniepoint Android POS machine. Whether you’re running a business and need to handle payments smoothly or you’re someone who just needs to send money safely and quickly, this guide is prepared just for you. We’re going to walk you through every single step of How to Make a Transfer on Moniepoint POS. Ready to make sending money so simple? Let’s dive in! Check out : Moniepoint Customer Care


Looking to send money easily with your Moniepoint Android POS machine? You’re in the perfect spot! Here’s a detailed, easy-to-follow guide to help you out.

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Step 1: Start Your Moniepoint POS

  • First off, turn on your Moniepoint POS machine. You’ll see a lot of options on the main menu once it’s up and running. This is where the process starts.

Step 2: Finding the “Transfer” Button

  • Take a quick look at the main menu and spot the “Transfer” option. This button is your first step towards sending money. Go ahead and tap on it to get started.

Step 3: How Much Are You Sending?

  • Once you’ve hit “Transfer,” it’s time to tell your POS how much money you’re looking to send. A prompt will pop up asking for the amount. If you’re sending ₦100, just type in “100” using the keypad. Easy peasy! Read Also : How to request for refund using MoniePoint POS terminal

Step 4: Who’s Getting the Money?

  • Now, you’ll need to enter the lucky recipient’s bank account number. Make sure you get this part right because you definitely want your money going to the right person. Just tap on the field to start typing in the number.

Step 5: Double-Check the Recipient

  • After you’ve entered the account number, the POS does something super helpful—it shows you the name of the person who owns that account. This is your chance to make sure you’re not accidentally sending money to someone else. Make sure the name matches your intended recipient.

Step 6: Any Extra Info?

  • Your Moniepoint POS is pretty cool because it lets you add extra bits of information to your transaction. Want to add a note about why you’re sending the money? Or maybe you need to include your customer’s phone number or email? You can do that here. But if you’re in a hurry, you can skip this part too.

Step 7: Your POS Machine Number

  • We’re almost there! Now you need to enter a special number that’s unique to your POS machine. It’s kind of like a password that says, “Yes, it’s really me sending this money.” Make sure you type this number in correctly.

Step 8: Look Everything Over One More Time

  • Before you send your money off into the world, take a minute to review all the details you’ve entered. This is your last chance to catch any mistakes. Everything looks good? Then hit “Continue” to go to the final step.

Step 9: Waiting for the Green Light

  • After you confirm, your Moniepoint POS will start processing your transfer. In just a little bit, you’ll see a message pop up letting you know your transfer has been approved and is on its way. And just like that, you’re done!

And there you have it! You’ve just sent money using your Moniepoint POS machine, and it probably felt like a piece of cake. This guide is here to make sure that from here on out, sending money is simple, secure, and quick. With Moniepoint POS by your side, managing your money is easier than ever.

Simple Steps to Make Transfer on Moniepoint POS

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