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Timiza Loan App Review Kenya



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Timiza Loan App Review Kenya – If you are a Kenyan in need of a reliable loan app, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Timiza, a groundbreaking banking app under Absa, formerly known as Barclays. What sets Timiza apart from other loan apps is its lowest interest rates in the country, making it an attractive option for many borrowers.

Getting Started with Timiza Loan App Review Kenya

One of the best features of Timiza is that you don’t need to be an Absa customer to use it. Anyone can easily access this app by downloading it from either the Play Store or the App Store. Once installed, Timiza uses your last six months’ M-Pesa transactions to determine your loan limit. Depending on your transaction history, you can qualify for a loan ranging from small amounts to larger sums. The more you transact and use the app, the higher your loan limit can become. If you need a loan see Mwachangu Zambia Review | How to Use the Mwachangu Loan App

The Timiza Loan App has garnered a diverse range of reviews from its users, showcasing both its strengths and areas for improvement. Here’s a summary of some user experiences:

Timiza Loan App User Review Kenya

1. Technical Glitch

Amos faced frustration when his app refused to update, repeatedly taking him back and forth during login attempts. Despite multiple uninstallations and reinstallations, the issue persisted. Absa Group Limited apologized for the inconvenience and suggested clearing app data and cache, ensuring an internet connection, or accessing Timiza via *848#. If the problem persists, they offered direct assistance through contact details. See How to Apply for a Moniepoint Loan

2. Document Upload Challenge

Stephen experienced difficulty uploading documents required to increase his loan limit, despite having a stable network on other apps. Absa Group Limited acknowledged the issue and assured users that the upload system was under review. In the meantime, Stephen was advised to proceed without uploading the documents.

3. Praise for Efficiency

Harrison was delighted with Timiza’s app, commending its timely fund disbursement and affordable rates. He gave it a 5-star rating but suggested checking on payment duration and loan limits. Absa Group Limited thanked him for the positive rating and mentioned their continuous efforts to improve the app while providing contact information for any issues. Best loan in Zambia, Zamcash Zambia Review | Is Legit? and this may interest you to learn How to Write an Application Letter for Zambia Police Recruitment

4. Minor Bugs

Hudson found Timiza to be a good app but encountered some minor bugs, such as repeated update prompts even after reinstallation. Absa Group Limited appreciated the 4-star rating and encouraged users to share ideas for app enhancement while providing alternative access and contact details for support.

5. Registration/Login Challenges

Gicherengo s had a frustrating experience with registration and login. The app kept asking security questions without granting access. Absa Group Limited apologized and suggested clearing app data and cache, ensuring internet connectivity, and reinstalling the app. They also provided contact details for further assistance.

6. Efficient Emergency Solution

Jane praised Timiza’s efficiency, recommending it to those in need of emergency assistance. However, she emphasized the importance of being an active user with a clean credit record to qualify for loans. Absa Group Limited expressed gratitude for the 5-star rating and mentioned their commitment to enhancing the app’s features while providing contact information for support.


Timiza Loan App offers a diverse experience for its users in Kenya. While some users appreciate its efficiency and prompt customer support, others face challenges with technical glitches and document uploads. Absa Group Limited has shown responsiveness to user feedback and continues to work on improving the app’s performance. To fully benefit from Timiza’s offerings, users are encouraged to provide feedback, maintain a positive credit record, and utilize alternative access options in case of any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Timiza Loan App User Reviews

1. Q: Is Timiza Loan App easy to use and access? A: Yes, Timiza Loan App is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. You can download the app from the Play Store or App Store, and registration is straightforward.

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2. Q: How are loan limits determined on Timiza Loan App? A: Timiza calculates loan limits based on your M-Pesa transactions over the last six months. The more you transact, the higher your loan limit can grow.

3. Q: Are there other financial services available on Timiza Loan App besides loans? A: Yes, Timiza offers a range of financial services, including bill payments, money transfers, airtime purchases, personal accident, and death insurance, and a savings account called Disha Savings Account.

4. Q: What are the interest rates and fees for loans on Timiza Loan App? A: Timiza offers competitive interest rates, with a 5% interest rate and a 1.2% service fee, resulting in a total cost of borrowing at 6.2%.

5. Q: Does Timiza Loan App conduct a credit check before approving loans? A: Yes, Timiza conducts a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) check to assess your creditworthiness before approving loans. Maintaining a positive credit history is essential for future borrowing opportunities.

6. Q: How responsive is Timiza’s customer support team? A: Users have praised Timiza’s customer care services for being prompt and respectful in assisting with queries and issues.

7. Q: Are there any technical glitches reported by users on Timiza Loan App? A: Some users have reported minor bugs, such as repeated update prompts. However, Absa Group Limited is actively working to address such issues based on user feedback.

8. Q: Can Timiza Loan App be accessed through other means besides the app? A: Yes, you can access Timiza by dialing *848# on your phone. Ensure you have airtime for this option.

9. Q: What should I do if I encounter challenges with Timiza Loan App? A: If you face any issues with the app, you can try clearing app data and cache, ensuring a stable internet connection, or reinstalling the app. If the problem persists, contact Timiza’s customer support for direct assistance.

10. Q: Does Timiza Loan App offer solutions for those in financial emergencies? A: Yes, Timiza Loan App is recommended by users for quick and efficient disbursement of funds, making it a reliable solution for emergencies.

Please note that user reviews may vary, and experiences with the app can differ based on individual circumstances. For the most up-to-date information and support, it is advisable to directly contact Timiza’s customer support team.

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