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UBEC Recruitment 2023



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UBEC Recruitment 2023 – The UBEC recruitment for 2023 is a significant event for many job seekers looking to contribute to the education sector in Nigeria. The commission is known for its commitment to enhancing the quality of basic education and is seeking motivated and experienced candidates to join their team. The application process is accessible through the official UBEC website, and this guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful application experience. Moreover, the recruitment drive includes various positions suitable for different educational qualifications and skill sets, making it an inclusive opportunity for a broad spectrum of applicants.


The recruitment drive is a crucial step toward achieving UBEC’s goals, and it presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals who share the organization’s vision and values. UBEC is actively seeking motivated and experienced candidates to join its dedicated team of professionals. Whether you are an educator, administrator, or possess expertise in various fields related to education, UBEC welcomes applications from individuals who are enthusiastic about making a positive impact on the education system.

To apply for a position at UBEC, the process is straightforward and accessible through the official UBEC website. This guide is designed to assist applicants at every step of the application process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience. From creating an account and filling out the application form to providing the necessary documents and submitting your application, we will guide you through each step, making sure you don’t miss any crucial details.

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What sets the UBEC recruitment drive apart is its inclusivity. The commission offers a wide range of positions suitable for candidates with diverse educational qualifications and skill sets. Whether you have a background in teaching, educational administration, project management, or any other relevant field, UBEC strives to provide equal opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds and experiences.

2023 Recruitments in Nigeria

Eligibility Criteria

The UBEC (Universal Basic Education Commission) recruitment for 2023 offers a promising opportunity for individuals looking to contribute to the improvement of the education sector in Nigeria. To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, UBEC has established clear eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. Here are the detailed requirements:

  1. Educational Background: Applicants must possess a tertiary diploma from a recognized and accredited university. Additionally, a senior secondary school examination certificate is mandatory. Your academic qualifications will be thoroughly assessed to determine your eligibility for specific positions within UBEC.
  2. Identification: Valid identification is a crucial requirement for the UBEC recruitment process. You must provide one of the following identification documents: a driver’s license, passport, voter ID card, National Identification Number (NIN), or National ID card. These documents will be used to verify your identity and ensure that you meet the necessary legal requirements for employment.
  3. Computer Skills: While not mandatory, having computer knowledge and skills is highly advantageous. In today’s digital age, proficiency in using computer software and technology can set you apart from other candidates. Some positions within UBEC may require specific computer-related skills, so highlighting your abilities in this area can enhance your application.
  4. Age Proof: To establish your age eligibility, you must provide a valid birth certificate or an age declaration document issued by a recognized authority. Accurate age verification is essential as it determines whether you meet the age requirements for the position you are applying for.
  5. Academic Credentials: You must submit copies of your secondary and tertiary education certificates along with your application. These certificates should be scanned and uploaded according to specific dimensions and file size requirements specified in the application guidelines. Ensuring that your academic credentials are accurately presented and meet the stipulated requirements is crucial for a successful application.
  6. Passport Photograph: A recent passport-sized photograph meeting the specified resolution and size requirements must be included in your application. The photograph should accurately represent your current appearance and adhere to the provided guidelines.

How to Apply for UBEC Recruitment 2023

The UBEC (Universal Basic Education Commission) recruitment process for 2023 is an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to make a meaningful contribution to Nigeria’s education sector. To ensure a smooth and successful application experience, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Start by accessing UBEC’s official website, which can be found at or Make sure you are using a secure and reliable internet connection for a hassle-free application process.
  2. Account Creation: On the website’s homepage, look for the “Create an Account” or “Sign Up” button. Click on it to begin the account creation process. You will be required to provide a unique username and password. Ensure that your login credentials are secure and easy for you to remember.
  3. Read Instructions: Before proceeding with the application, carefully review the instructions and guidelines provided on the website. Understanding the application requirements and process is crucial to avoid any errors or omissions in your submission.
  4. Fill in Details: Once you have created your account and reviewed the instructions, start filling in the required information. This includes personal details, educational qualifications, contact information, and other relevant data. It is essential to input accurate and up-to-date information to avoid any discrepancies during the selection process.
  5. Verification: Before finalizing your application, double-check all the details you have entered for accuracy and completeness. Verify that there are no typographical errors or missing information that could hinder your application’s evaluation.
  6. Upload Documents: Attach the necessary documents as specified in the guidelines. This typically includes a recent passport-sized photograph and a copy of your valid identification document, such as a driver’s license, passport, voter ID card, NIN, or National ID. Ensure that these documents meet the specified resolution and file size requirements.
  7. Submit Application: Once you are confident that all the information provided is accurate and that you have uploaded the required documents, submit your application. After submission, you will receive an email confirmation to acknowledge the receipt of your application.
  8. Wait for Notifications: UBEC will review all applications, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further interviews and screening exams. Keep a close eye on your email inbox for notifications regarding screening schedules, interview dates, and other important updates.

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